Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

Power Trips offers a one-of-a-kind, modern car renting experience. 

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This article was published on June 25th, 2017

Take a bite of the sweet life by riding in style through the North Okanagan. Live the life of luxury for a bit by renting an all-electric Tesla from Power Trips. The fastest production-model vehicle on the market, Power Trips is offering a one-of-a-kind, Tesla experience.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

Make your Okanagan vacation a true luxury vacation – wine, accommodation at Predator Ridge, meals, and of course, a spectacular rental car to get around and turning heads wherever you go. Take an incredible Tesla road trip in the Okanagan and get an experience you’ll never forget. Power Trips is the first all-electric rental fleet in the Okanagan Valley. Rent a Tesla Model S for a and hour, a day, a long weekend, or for a week-long adventure.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

The Tesla Model S is an entirely electric vehicle meaning you’ll have zero emissions and no need to purchase gas. Jam-packed with technology the Tesla Model S is heaven for any tech / gadget geek. Experience high performance in a luxury vehicle that boasts long range, no gas, zero emissions, creating the ultimate driving experience. The car is equipped with internet, which means that you can enjoy streaming music to live maps while you cruise down the road. Stay connected; stay charged.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

The Tesla Model S can go over 450km on a single charge (depending on your driving). No gas stations needed for this car. You’ll be charging at electric car stations located all throughout the Okanagan Valley. Best of all – charging the car is free (you don’t even have to pay!). There is a super charging station in Kelowna that can charge the car in under 30 minutes! Plus, plenty of hotels in the Okanagan are now equipped with charging stations, including Predator Ridge, with premium, front-door parking!

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

Choose the Power Trips ultimate experience and cruise through the Okanagan, to see and experience the beauty and magic of the region. Drive the half-day trip around Okanagan Lake and feel the power of the Tesla as it races up the steep inclines of the mountain-side road. The agility and smooth handling comfort around winding roads as you make your way along the journey will have heads turning as you cruise through Kelowna in an unmarked car with the windows down and beats playing.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

Power Trips offers only the best in customer service. They’ll arrange to meet you at the airport with a Tesla for you to drive away with on a full charge and only need to return the car with 25% charge. Power Trips gives you a walk-through of the vehicle, from how to connect your smartphone to how to charge the car at Tesla brand or 3rd party brand charging stations. If you need assistance or have a question about the car, just give them a call and they’ll help answer all your questions so you can get on your way.

Drive like a rockstar on your vacation. Book you Okanagan Power Trips Tesla experience now and enjoy these fantastic summer special offers.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience

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