Thousands come out and proud at Toronto Pride 2017

Pride Toronto served up another delicious Pride that had many people asking for more.

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This article was published on July 3rd, 2017

Party goers and queer people are still revelating in all the fabulousness of Toronto Pride 2017. Toronto Pride is the largest Pride in Canada, drawing people in from as far away as Montreal, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Vancouver. It’s the pinnacle Pride month event in Canada. Canada’s largest city ushered in the pride season with a fun-filled, month long celebration of the LGBT community.

Corporate partnerships are essential to supporting flourishing LGBT communities

Pride Toronto had several official events, including the street festival in the heart of the gaybourhood on Church Street. Pride festival featured block-after-block of LGBT-friendly vendors, corporate activations, and activities. Located throughout the village, performance stages were packed all day long Saturday, with amazing performances at the Dirty Disco Party featuring DJ Jelo, Deko-ze, Robb G, TickyTy, Miz Megs, Chiclet, Nigebest, and Dwayne Minard; at the Big Love Party, headlined by the UK’s Seamus Hall; at the DRAG BALL, headlined by Australia’s own Kitty Glitter; and at Pan Dulce with DJs I M Brown, Fosforita, Latin X Drag Show, Bruno Capinan Baoba w/ Vicotoria Mata and Facoiny Patino Cruz, Rico Dalasam, DJ Relentless, and a special sickening appearance by La Santa Cecilia.

Thousands come out and proud at Toronto Pride 2017

Sunday’s stages were just as fun with the 19th annual Blockorama, featuring hosts Kim Ninkuru and Lali Mohamed with DJs DJ Blackcat, Craig Dominc, Pleasure, Nik Reid, Carma and Vaughn; at the Flex n’ Fluid, hosted by Krafty Queers, Ms. Nookie Galore and Mr. Chocolate Baby Daddy with DJs Drag King Hour, Wyze Gyal, Ill Nana, Valeroo, DJ Sissyfuss, Shyboi, Mobilegirl, and Jasmine Infiniti; at the Final Play Party,

Photo credit: Craig Domin, Daily Xtra

Pop trio KING will performed with DJ Emily Sbux and Lissa Monet alongside performances by WANNABE, a Spice Girls tribute band, and the UK’s Years & Years headlined; and at the Last Dance, which featured DJs Ticky Ty, Nicole Albino of Nino Sky, Barry Harris, and Sweden’s Stonebridge.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Toronto Pride 2017

Sunday also ushered in the Toronto Pride Parade. This incredibly well-organized parade started at 2pm (the gay gawds at the Pride organizing committee understood that gays don’t want to be up for a 9am or 10am parade), and featured Canada’s Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne as the headliners of the parade. Colourful display of the diversity of the LGBT community including dancers, performers, LGBT community icons, corporate partners including TD Bank and TELUS, showed lustrous and stunning entries and put on a show for the crowd. Though the morning threatened a deluge of rain, Mother Nature held off for the parade, with moments of sun to highlight the immense showing of love and celebration that was felt. Black Lives Matter was in the parade, and had a peaceful protest entry, and there were minimal uniform police officers along the parade route. But police force was noticeable absent within the parade, which disheartened many attendees.

Pride Toronto 2017 Prism Festival Bootcamp Fly 2.0

The nightlife highlight of Toronto Pride, the Prism Festival, is a series of events that has a long and established history as the party to be at, and be seen. Producer Gairy Brown puts his heart and soul into producing these amazing events. Aqua Party on Friday night was threatened to get rained out, so the party was moved inside, slightly dampening the spirit of the event, but people still had a great time. The Friday night Bootcamp Event was jam-packed with sweaty bodies; the venue change this year to Fly 2.0 was a big shift. To some, it felt more like a leather fetish club night than a circuit party that might need to get back to a unique space venue. Saturday night’s event, Circuit, was well attended with hot sweaty guys that bumped and grinded late into the night. Sunday’s Revival Party set an all-new precedence for the Prism Events with amazing light shows and performances, Revival was a fantastic way to wrap-up the weekend.

Green Space Festival

Meanwhile, Green Space was also a well-planned, fun event to attend. A fantastic weekend-long outdoor event in the heart of the village, Green Space was attended by thousands of people. The pinnacle event being the Treehouse Party on Sunday afternoon. Green Space was an amazing opportunity to see fantastic DJ’s, dance, and meet new people as there were lots of places to hang out and be social.

Thousands come out and proud at Toronto Pride 2017

Pride Toronto served up another delicious Pride that had many people asking for more. Until next year, there are plenty of other opportunities to celebrate the fabulousness of the queer community. Next up for major Pride festivities in Canada are Vancouver Pride (August 4-6, 2017) and Fierte Montreat Pride and Canada Pride in Montreal (August 10-20, 2017).


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