Let your sex life soar with the new Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack

The Nonstop Flight Pack is here to provide you non-stop inflight entertainment.

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This article was published on July 12th, 2017

Gentleman and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts and ready yourselves for the ride of your life. The Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack is here and ready to send you to new levels of the sexual stratosphere. With three Fleshlights included in this combo pack, you’ll be going from novice to pilot mode in no time.

Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack

Fleshjack has taken their three best Fleshlight and have combined them all into a glorious combo of non-stop enjoyment. This trilogy will send you flying high on sexual fulfillment and aims to make you feel like the captain of your own sexual destiny. With the Nonstop Flight Pack, you’ll feel like you’ve been given a first-class ticket to some of the best self-pleasure you’ve ever experienced.

Fleshjack kicks it up a notch by offering up not one, not two, but three different Fleshlights in the Nonstop Flight Pack. With this combo pack, you’ll receive the Fleshlight Flight Aviator, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, the Fleshlight Flight Instructor, a shower mount that connects directly to the Flight Fleshlight series, and an 8-oz. bottle of Fleshlube Water water-based lubricant.

Whether you’re looking for the excitement of a bumpy ride or the joy of smooth sailing, the Flight team is prepared to serve you until you reach your destination.

Starting with the Flight Instructor, this Fleshlight is a great introduction to the Flight series. Get your wings by settling in to this comfortable, compact, lightweight Fleshlight. Its all white case and white discreet orifice make it slightly resemble a flashlight or room deodorizer—no one would think twice that it was a Fleshlight until further examination. The Flight Instructor is great for globetrotting the world and traveling with. The orifice is knobbed with nodules for comfortable, highly stimulating sensations. With the non-stop hours of practice, you’ll be getting your pilot’s license in no time.

Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack

Like its brothers the Flight Aviator and Flight Instructor, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is also a sleek, easily transportable Fleshlight. The Pilot’s flat black case makes it look like the closest thing to a flashlight that a Fleshlight can be. The Pilot also has a compact design for taking it with you wherever you go. The light grey discreet orifice is designed with bumps, ridges, fingers, and triangular textures within to give the user a mind-blowing direct flight to the land of orgasm. The Pilot’s discreet orifice also has different sized canal areas to provide mile-high level stimulation.

The third triplet in the Nonstop Flight Pack is the Flight Aviator. This Fleshlight is ready for the on-the-go male. Its sleek, compact design with its clear flight case makes traveling with the aviator a breeze. The Aviator is clear and smaller than other Fleshlight’s, making it a discreet, packable tool. The clear Aviator sleeve is perfectly ribbed for his pleasure, helping you sore to new heights with this carry on sized Fleshlight. The sleeve is like squeezing into the cockpit of a small plane, its tight, but feels good captaining your orgasm.

Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack

The Nonstop Flight Pack includes two fantastic accessories. First, the Shower Mount with Flight Adapter allows you to take your new Fleshlight trifecta into the bathroom. With an adjustable base for different angles and suction-cupped mount, the Shower Mount is great for getting it on in the shower. Enabling hands-free action, the Shower mount allows users to fly in the bathtub using their Fleshlight from the Flight Pack.

The second accessory that comes with the Nonstop Flight Pack is the 8-oz. bottle of Fleshlube Water. Absolutely essential for Fleshlight play, this premium water-based lubricant is made from medical-grade ingredients and is safe to use with most sex toys. Fleshlube Water is the perfect lubricant to partake in the Fleshlight Flight series, providing a smooth, mess-free lube that will send you into another orbit.

Nonstop Flight Pack from Fleshjack

If you’ve never tried Fleshlights before but are not sure where to begin, the Nonstop Flight Pack is a great introductory combo for beginners and sexperts alike. Each of the three Fleshlights included, the Flight Instructor, the Flight Pilot, and the Flight Aviator each provide distinctly different turbulence stimulation and are completely discreet for men looking to be more on the private side with their sex toys. Step into the cockpit, fasten your seat belt, and prepare for the flights of your life. The Nonstop Flight Pack is here to provide you non-stop inflight entertainment.

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