Pubic hair oil: the new trend in personal grooming

Pubic hair oil is all the rage and is the newest trend in personal grooming.

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This article was published on July 29th, 2017

Pubic hair oil: the new trend in personal groomingIn the era of the metrosexual, it has never been more important to properly groom. A hot new trend that is popping up in the gay community is using oil on pubic hair. The course truth of the matter is that there’s a path to silky smooth pubic hair. Is using pubic hair oil just going to simply be a fad, or is it something all of us should slick up and agree to incorporate into our lives? Here’s the grease on using oil for our pubic hair.

Pubic hair is controversial—some people love it, others hate it. If you are a fan, you need to take care of your hair and know what to do down there. Obviously, one should still have regular maintenance, like washing, maybe trimming or sculpting, etc. If you’re a fan of totally au-natural, that’s cool too; however, there’s a new way to make your pubic hair more enjoyable. Pubic hair oil is conditioner for your hair, making thick, wiry hair, soft and silky and totally more manageable.

Just like any normal hair mask or hair treatment, pubic hair oil moisturizes and strengthens your hair follicles by conditioning them to the root. This allows them to thicken and smooth, leaving the hair more manageable and less frizzy. Pubic hair oil helps remove dirt and unwanted odors while replenishing your hair with the nutrients it needs to shine. It softens hair and skin while warding off ingrowns.

Companies like Harry Potter star Emma Watson endorsed FUR are capitalizing on this new trend and already have a line out of pubic hair specific oils. Their pubic hair oils, made up of entirely natural ingredients free of preservatives or artificials, come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Should regular use of pubic hair oil be something that everyone needs to jump on board with? Or is this just another fad created by companies to get consumers to shell out more money for something we really don’t necessarily need. You have, after all, been fine without thinking about treating your pubes up until this point in your life. Then again, if you really do want to be done forever with ingrown hairs and do want to take your immaculate grooming to the next level, maybe it is time you start using pubic hair oil.

The verdict is in: we shampoo and condition our hair at least several times a week (perhaps more than we should), so why shouldn’t we give our private parts the same due diligence? Is it really such a taboo concept to want to treat your pubic hair as well as you treat the rest of the hair on your body? Maybe a thorough scrub down is no longer enough of the TLC that we need to be giving our pubes. Pubic hair oil might just be the newest trend in grooming that sticks around forever.


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