Dubrovnik: City of Enchantment

Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia for a taste of old world meets new on your next holiday.

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This article was published on July 30th, 2017

Make like Cersei Lannister and head to the real-life King’s Landing. Dubrovnik may be a location tourists are flocking to as of late due to several cameos of the city in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the port city in Croatia has been enchanting visitors for over a thousand years. Just because the Croatian Kuna is much cheaper than the Euro, making it one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe, doesn’t mean that should be your only driving force for visiting. With beautiful beaches, stunning medieval architecture, amazing food, and plenty of things to do and see, Dubrovnik is on the rise as one of the most sought-out places to vacation in Europe today. Here are the top 10 tourist stops to do in Dubrovnik.

Sunset at yacht harbour in Dubrovnik

  1. As if hugging the city and keeping it safe from the Adriatic, the best and most popular thing to do and see in Dubrovnik is visiting the city walls. At 2 km long, the city walls consist of 5 bastions, 17 towers, two corner fortifications, and the St. John Fortress. Construction of the walls was originally begun in the 1300’s and daily tours that teach the history of the walls and city are available.
  2. Take a walk-through Dubrovnik’s old town. Start on Placa Stradun and make your way through the winding, medieval streets. You’ll gothic, renaissance, and baroque palaces made of white stone intermixed with hundreds of years-old mom and pop shops.
  3. Everyone loves a view, so take the Cable Car from downtown Dubrovnik up Mount Srd, where you’ll be able to see all of the city and panoramas of the Adriatic from the top.
  4. The Rupe Museum has over 5,000 of pieces of art and artifacts chronicling 2,000 years of Croatian life and history. This Ethnographic Museum is now housed in the ancient granary in old town.
  5. The 600-year-old port is a great place to visit to unwind, read, chill out, or people watch. Featuring amazing views of the Adriatic, the old port also offers some decent restaurant options.
  6. Dubrovnik visitors always take note of the crystal-clear sea that encircles the city, and there is no better place to enjoy the water than the beach. Try Buza beach within the city walls for good swimming, and Banje Beach for beautiful views of the city as you enjoy the warm and nearly perfect Adriatic Sea.
  7. Try the wine. Croatia is quickly making a name for itself in the wine industry, and the Dubrovnik wine valley is beginning to flourish as a notable wine region.
  8. Go cliff jumping. For the adrenaline-seekers, try some cliff diving near Buza bar or on nearby Lokrum Island. 20-meter cliffs that stretch along the Dubrovnik coast make for ample spots to take part in this extreme sport.
  9. Lokrum Island, less than half a kilometer away, is an excellent for swimming or just simply spending a day enjoying the sun outside of Dubrovnik. The largest park in Dubrovnik, Lokrum is a natural reserve open to the public from April until October.
  10. The Game of Thrones walking tour. Though a bit pricey, this tour takes you to many filming locations of the hit HBO show and most tour guides have had roles on the show as extras, so real-life, on-set stories are often told as part of the tour. What better way to live like the king of Westeros than a tour of one of the most-filmed locations of GOT?



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