Double up with the Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack!

The Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack delivers twice the punch of other sex toy combos.

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This article was published on August 2nd, 2017

They say the best things come in pairs, and the Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack is certainly one of those things! One of the best starter packs on the market or perfect for experts looking for a great duo, the Twin Turbo pack is ready to satisfy all your self-sex needs. Double your fun and double your pleasure by picking up your own twins of sexual satisfaction: Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack!

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

A great combination of light and dark, cool and hot, and fire and ice, the Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack comes with everything you need in a Fleshlight combo. With the Twin Turbo Pack, you’ll receive the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Blue Ice, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Copper, a shower mount, and two different bottles of lubricant: Freshlube Fire and Freshlube Ice. All five items together make the sweetest deal offered by Fleshjack.

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

The first member of this delicious set of twins is the Turbo Ignition Blue Ice. This is a fantastic Fleshlight that simulates receiving oral sex. The Ignition Blue Ice’s outer shell is the Turbo Case and makes for excellent handling and gripping of the Fleshlight. The Blue Ice Fleshlight comes with a non-anatomical Blue Ice Thrust orifice. The Texture is made with skin-safe Blue Ice Ignition texture for a real-life feeling Fleshlight.

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

This toy is specifically designed with three different insertion points, simulating a mind-blowing orgasm times two. The Blue Ice Ignition allows users to pinpoint specific areas of the penis that they wish to satisfy or can go for twice the glory by full insertion. Ridges and bumps simulate the lips and tongue, while some cross weaving offers a simulated throat feeling.

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

The second half of this pair of a dynamic duo is the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Copper. The Yang to the Blue Ice Thrust Ignition, The Turbo Thrust Copper is also designed to simulate oral sex stimulation. Like the Blue Ice Ignition, The Turbo Thrust Copper has three initial entry points that target different areas of the penis for maximum fulfillment.

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

The Turbo Thrust Copper is made with exclusive Copper Thrust texture to closely replicate flesh on flesh contact. This Fleshlight’s outer shell is the clear Turbo case for perfect handling, and the orifice is the one of a kind and exclusive Copper Thrust orifice. With screw-like inserts, raised humps, and triangulated sensation nobs, the Copper Thrust orifice is sure to send you into orgasm over and over again.

The other set of twins that the Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack contains are two featured lubricants to guarantee your experience with your new Fleshjacks goes as smoothly as possible. Both can be used with either of your Fleshjacks, and it is always recommended to switch it up with corresponding lubricants with Fleshjacks to really maximize the different sensations you can have with each combination. Both are made from the highest medical-grade materials. Fleshlube Fire is a lubricant that using Fleshjack’s advanced warming technology that becomes slightly heated to the touch. Fleshlube Ice, meanwhile, uses Fleshjack’s latest cooling technology and cools to the touch. This provides a soothing and chilling feeling to refresh your and your partner’s sensations.

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack

Having an accessible shower mount means you also double your pleasure with your Fleshjacks. The adjustable base gives way to nearly every angle, and the suction cup is so strong that you be able to stick the shower mount to most smooth shower surfaces. Get twice the use out of your toys either in the bedroom or in the bathroom—your choice—as the shower mount transforms your Turbo Pack into being capable of being under water in the bathtub, or standing up in the shower. It makes solo-water sports limitless!

Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack is packed with five tools to make masturbation (or mutual play) doubly fun. Two Fleshlights, two bottles of lube, and water shower mount equals double the fun for your sexual play. Each component offers a different feature of enhancement to your sex, and each make the Twin Turbo Pack twice. Like any pair of great twins, the Twin Turbo Pack from Fleshjack is a great addition to your life, providing two times the enjoyment.

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