Don’t back down to bullies

Being bullied is a difficult situation, but knowing how to handle the situation is extremely important.

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This article was published on August 17th, 2017

Just about every child has experienced, and knows what it feels like to be bullied, especially by someone bigger, stronger, or faster them themselves. Bullying in the United States has become an epidemic for youth, causing depression and suicide, particularly with those who identify as LGBT. Bullying has become a critical issue, for both youth and adults, that victims of bullying should not have to put up with this kind of abuse, ever. When being faced with bullying, don’t back down to bullies. Stand up. Being bullied is a difficult situation, but knowing how to handle the situation is extremely important.

Don’t back down to bullies

Stand up. Be heard. Standing up to a bully is never easy. But then again, neither is doing anything that you really want in life. Calling out a bully throws, especially in the company of others, throws their behaviors into the spotlight. Bullies often get away with their behavior because no one ever challenges them. Chances are, if you stand your ground, the bully will back down.

Remember that bullies are often bi-products of being bullied themselves. Children and adults learn their behavior from other children and adults. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with the abuse. But it does mean you might want to approach whatever situation with compassion versus fighting back. Bullies are often people crying out for attention in the worst possible matter.

If you are a young adult, youth, or child, you never have to deal with bullying on your own. Parents, friends, teachers, coaches, police, courts, laws, and fellow citizens are there to help protect you. Most people want a better future for children and will not tolerate abuse or bullying from anyone.

Bullying is everywhere. Cyber and social media bullying is one of the most frequent ways people feel threatened and attacked by others. It’s become easier and easier to verbally assault strangers and others from behind a computer screen and keyboard, but there are usually ways you have this behavior stopped. Most sites and apps have support teams that deal with harassment and bullying.

Guidance counselors, the police, your neighborhood watch, your family, friends, neighbors, courts, and the law protect you from a lot of extreme bullying in the public sector. Never be afraid to contact an authority figure, friend, lawyer, or others for help when feeling threatened or bullied.

We have the power to stop bullying altogether as long as we stand together and say enough is enough. Don’t back down to bullies. No more bullying.

Don’t back down to bullies

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