10 signs you need a vacation

Stop what you’re doing and start planning your next getaway!

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This article was published on August 20th, 2017

It’s not always easy to tell when you need to take a break and treat yourself to a vacation. There are some good indicators that can help you realize that enough is enough, and to get away from the hustle and stress of both work and life. Stop what you’re doing and start planning your next getaway! If you can relate to these 10 points, then you most definitely have seen the signs you need a vacation.

  1. Just thinking about leaving and going anywhere else makes you excited. Photos of the beach makes you hungry for adventure, and dusting off the passport gives you hope. It’s holiday time.
  2. You can’t stop complaining. To everyone. About anything. Without solution.
  3. You’re paler than Casper The Ghost. We all could use a little vitamin D from time to time. Being cooped up indoors and at an office for too long during too many sunlight hours can lead to vacation longing.
  4. Seemingly everything is annoying you—and more often. Restlessness and needing a vacation can often lead to anxiety and a depression if not treated with a gorgeous vacay to the Canary Isles or a relaxing destination resort, for instance.
  5. You only put in half-assed effort, at best, at work. You’re better than the work you’re doing, but you just aren’t feeling the motivation train anymore. You either need a swift kick in the ass or swift trip far away.
  6. You’ve been losing sleep. Stress carries over to our dreams and can affect our sleep. We need plenty of rest for mental and physical rejuvenation. Sleep is vital for our health and not getting enough of it can be indicative of needing to get away from it all for a while.
  7. Your entire life revolves around your job. Being a workaholic is ok, but when our careers overwhelm us and become our main everything, it’s easy to get lost in the rat race of it all.
  8. Your time off isn’t enough. If on Sunday night you are constantly wondering what happened to the weekend, you may need more time away than just the weekend can provide.
  9. You begin making bad decisions to cope. Put down that ice cream. Walk away from that entire bottle of wine on a Tuesday night. You need a vacay!
  10. You’ve lost your motivation. Haven’t worked out in months? Are you feeling like a general loss of inspiration in a lot of what you are doing and where your future is headed? It’s time for a vacation.

Now that you know the signs, it’s time to do something about it. We have plenty of recommendations on places to go, from luxury resorts, big city adventures, relaxing beach vacations, to taking a step back in time… whatever you desire, get away and get back to enjoying life.

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