Will and Grace: a gay television reboot everyone has been waiting for

Will and Grace returns to the small screen this fall with not one, but two new reboot seasons planned by NBC.

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This article was published on August 22nd, 2017

With much excitement and anticipation, the popular 30-minute sitcom that pushed the boundaries on gay culture and acceptance, Will & Grace, is coming back this fall with an entire new lineup of episodes featuring the entire original main cast. Once household names that brought queer life to the lives of everyday citizens, Will and Grace broke the mold and was as historic for gay people as Ellen DeGeneres’ coming out on national TV.

Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly, and Sean Hayes are back in the American sitcom as two best gay friends and their two best gals deal with daily life living in New York City. Will and Grace helped put a face to queer life in a time when not everyone in middle America had been introduced to gay characters. After all four main characters: Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack appeared together in a 10-minute pre-election video aimed at helping elect Hillary Clinton president. Audience members gagged at the chance to see their favorite show’s characters and demanded more. Beloved character, Rosario, will not be returning to the series because actress Shelley Morrison has retired from acting.

It was recently announce the show will return starting in late September for a 16-episode reboot. After the announcement, the show was signed for a second season, featuring the 4 original main characters, before the first reboot season has even aired. The overwhelming positive response from fans and people around the globe lead to the decision to bring back the show for a second reboot season.

The reboot will not pick-up with the original series finale left off, where their kids meet in college. The producers apparently decided to cut that ending out and will bring back the show with bold new plots and stories that continue to push the boundaries. It’s rumored that the new season of the series will be especially focused on ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’ because of President Trump’s recent actions taken against transgender people serving in the United States armed forces. At least one trans character will play a key role in the reboot.

The show is set to return this fall, but the cast keeps making cameos and the show keeps popping up in the news, most recently when it was announced that Will and Grace was approved for a second season without having even aired the new season yet. This is an era that could use the musings of Will and Grace, with Karin’s sarcasm and Jack’s sass. Will and Grace has returned to NBC, and fans simply cannot wait.

Will and Grace: a gay television reboot everyone has been waiting for


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