Acme Hotel Chicago: modern, edgy, and adventurous

The ultimate LGBTQ-friendly destination in Chicago.

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This article was published on August 27th, 2017

Acme Hotel Chicago has turnt the LGBT travel experience as the Windy City’s hottest queer-inclusive lodging. With state of the art technology, fabulous amenities, an all-inclusive and gay friendly progressiveness, and the philanthropy to back it up, Acme Hotel is the ultimate LGBTQ-friendly destination in Chicago. Whether you’re visiting Chi-town for leisure travel, work, or play, the Acme Hotel offers a modern, edgy feel that today’s LGBT adventurous travellers seek.

Acme Hotel Chicago: modern, edgy, and adventurous

Acme Hotel Chicago: modern, edgy, and adventurousLove is love at the Acme Hotel. From promotional offers to exceptional customer experience, they really are LGBT-market focused. From a non-scene check-in, to his-and-his pillow cases, to fabulous cocktail kits waiting in your room, the Acme Hotel is completely perfect. No intrusion, no fuss, and no judgment from Chicago’s hottest hotel – just the way LGBT people love to travel. The Acme Hotel knows how to make queer guests feel special, without being too obvious, maintaining respect, and letting them have their gay ol’ way.

Located right next to the fabulous Magnificent Mile, near the water and metro, the Acme Hotel is in the center of all the action Chicago has to offer. Acme is a stunning boutique hotel doing a lot of things and offering some new services that make them modern, fresh, edgy, and fabulous. Aside from your normal amenities, Acme has some über modern features that set it above and beyond your typical hotel.

For starters, each and every room is set up with smart features through Amazon Echo. Your own personal ‘high-tech personal assistant’, Alexa is ready at your command to help you with any of your needs, including asking Acme anything, and turning appliances on and off, like your television, lights, and music. Speaking of tunes, another amenity available in each suite room is an ESP Guitar that comes a Traveler Guitar amp for use and with Bowers & Wilkins Headphones.

Acme Hotel Chicago: modern, edgy, and adventurous

The Acme Hotel is all about celebrating individuality and discretion by offering ‘Knock & Drop’ room service. This service allows the guest to order room service from the in-room menu and the food is dropped off with a simple knock in completely disposable containers. The coffee service comes this way too, allowing guests to stay discrete and not be bothered with answering the door. Each room also has the availability to purchase a $25 Hair of the Dog add-on. This includes two aspirin packages, two bottles of Gatorade, and a $25 certificate to a Chicago well-renowned burger joint, MBurger.

The Acme Hotel offers a fabulous meeting place for guests. They’re Between Workspace, located on the second floor of the hotel, is a free co-working space offering free Wi-Fi, multiple electric outlets, comfortable seating, a snack station, and bottomless coffee. It’s perfect for meeting and greeting or doing business on your holiday.

Guests are able to use three fabulously modern amenities to help them have as modern of a trip as possible. Guests who book directly with the hotel get access to use a complimentary Apple Watch, Snapchat spectacle, and even hotspots to go, allowing for total and absolute connectivity wherever you go.

Acme Hotel Chicago is a rising star in the windy city’s travel industry. World-class amenities with a respect for individual attention and care help make the Acme Hotel Chicago the destination for LGBT travellers.

Make your own Acme Hotel Love Is Love cocktail at home:

  • 1.5 oz gin
  • 1 oz rosemary and black pepper syrup
  • 2 dashes grapefruit bitters

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake. Pour into glass and garnish with juniper berries.

Acme Hotel Chicago Love Is Love cocktail

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