Single and fabulous

Don’t fret about not being in a relationship. Sometimes the best thing to do is stay single.

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This article was published on September 9th, 2017

Think being in a relationship is the be all, end all? Think again. Coupling isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Despite what society vomits onto us from childhood on, not all of us are meant to/going to find the person of our dreams, marry, and live happily ever after. Some of us are meant to roam free and never settle for one home or one spouse to tie us down. Others are just too independent of individuals to be able to completely coexist under the same roof as someone else. Being single can be fabulous!

Sure, you may see your friends settling down, acquiring homes, reproducing, and living the perfect life as a model adult. But the aforementioned items take time, patience, understanding, a lot of heartache and heartbreak, and a determination to stick with another individual through it all, despite anything extraneous. Anyone who is seemingly ‘got it made’ and in a relationship, has a very deep bond with their spouse that is built upon a foundation of a lot of things: faith, trust, love, fear, joy, hard work, and effort. One of the hardest things anyone can do is be in love and in a relationship with another human being.

It’s certainly not for everyone. Yes, you get spousal benefits like always having a plus-one, always having someone to have sex with (as long as that lasts), tax advantages, and to be a half of an entity all your friends can ask about the other half. But singledom has its perks, too.

Being single is awesome. You have no accountability for anyone but yourself. You’re able to stay out late and not hear about it from hubby. Last minute travel with friends is completely doable. Hookups ate possible. Doing things on your own because you want to is possible. Singles don’t have to share clothes or toiletries. Being single means having privacy. Having your own money. And having your own life.

There is a lot of power and strength in being single. Alone can mean solitude. Facing the dark times without anyone to directly turn to. Celebrating personal victories by yourself. Feeling the empowerment from knowing you achieved something without the help of others, be it a big or small victory. Being single means facing challenges, personal and professional, head on.

Sure, being in a relationship can great. But there is something really truly amazing about a strong, independent, single person, kicking ass in the world.

Single and fabulous

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