PNP: Why do gay men need to be fucked up to hook up?

The gay community needs to take back confidence, Pride, and healthy living.

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This article was published on September 14th, 2017

Party and play? BoTtom looking for a top? Hanging with Kate Moss tonight? Are you with Tina? PNP? Do you parTy?? Chemsex? Just spend a few minutes on any gay male adult dating app and you can easily find guys looking to hook up with the use of drugs. Party and play (PNP), has reached epidemic proportions in the gay community. It’s ‘high’ time we talk about it, to understand why guys are hooked on it.

Whether it’s with popper, meth, GHB, ketamine, pot, fentanyl, or alcohol, it should be no surprise to any gay man that the use of drugs is escalating. Gay sex and drugs just go together. But do gay men get high because it’s fun and feels good? Or is gay sex still felt like it is taboo enough to make gay men feel like they must be fucked up in order to participate?

PNP: Why do gay men need to be fucked up to hook up?

Some guys use substances during sex to lower their inhibitions. Reasons can include lack of self-confidence, fear of performance, body image, or being ashamed. Gay men often turn to drugs because of issues with coming out, rejection, and family-related issues. Substance use is common in the gay community, and has been for decades, from the living room to the boardroom, from the dance floor to the bedroom.

Whatever the reason for using drugs, not to sound all Nancy Reagan, is bad anyway, for your body and mind. Combing sex and drugs can build up a dual dependency, not being able to disassociate sex from substance use. This leads guys further down the path of physical and emotional destruction. Gay men can become so dependent on drugs during sex that they have a hard time functioning in the bedroom, and in relationships, without the use of drugs intertwined with sexual practices.

In many jurisdictions, including the north western and mid western US, as well as British Columbia and other areas across Canada, there is a serious fentanyl crisis. The war on opioids is on, and gay men need to pay attention, now.

Drugs like methamphetamine and fentanyl are considered the worst on the market, with higher addition levels than that of crack and heroin. Both drugs can be lethal with even just a small amount of use, and are unfortunately being laces in other drugs in an attempt to strength potency and increase the amount by drug dealers.

If you, or someone you know is a PNP addict, and drugs have become a common fixture in life while having sex, there are things you can do to reduce your risk, and get things under control, before you or your partner get hurt, or even worse, potentially die.

Talk to a professional. Sex with drugs is often about forgetting issues or masking your feelings while getting high. A therapist can help you work through these issues and dependencies.

Join a group. It can be easier to talk to other people going through similar circumstances as you. You can related to them and share experiences. There are groups like narcotics anonymous and sex addicts anonymous.

Help a friend. Encourage an environment where drug use isn’t permitted or possible. Be blunt and say ‘stop’. There could be the realization that sex can be amazing when sober.

Try something different. Instead of chems, try tantric sex. Yoga is excellent for repositioning mind, body, and energy.

Abstain. Taking a break for a while may help realize that life can exist without drugs, and that sex isn’t dependent on, or revolve around drugs.

PNP: Why do gay men need to be fucked up to hook up?

Sex with drugs can be fun, but there are negative health side effects, including death, that can occur as a result. Admitting you have an issue with PNP is good, and getting help to overcome is the best solution. The gay community needs to take back confidence, Pride, and healthy living.

Do you know someone who is into PNP and needs help? Share this article with them. They may thank you later, knowing how much you care about them, and the risk to their health.


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