Packing tips and tricks: pack light, pack right

Learn to pack light and pack right with these simple guidelines.

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This article was published on September 24th, 2017

There is nothing more exhilarating than travelling the world, carefree and without a worry. The adventure of packing a bag and heading out on a grand adventure, jumping into the big wide world, leaving everything behind that gets you excited. If you can get the time off work and daily life, then travelling the world is an incredible experience. Even if you’re travelling on a budget, there are some basic rules and tips to follow. Most importantly, if you want to get the most bang for your buck when you’re overseas, you need to learn to pack as minimal as possible. Learn to pack light and pack right with these simple packing tips and tricks.

Packing tips and tricks

  1. Cut down your luggage amount to one carry-on bag. Traveling through Europe across country lines has never been cheaper, as long as you don’t have much luggage.
  2. Wear your bulkier items. Bring one-two pair of jeans, one decent jacket, and one long-sleeved shirt. Your best bet is to wear the jeans, shirt, and jacket so they aren’t taking up baggage space. Planes get cold frequently so you’re also more likely to stay comfortable mid-flight.
  3. Keep it to one or two pairs of shoes. Footwear is one of the heavier and bulkier items you can pack. Choose some good walking shoes and maybe a pair for going out. Better yet: flip-flops.
  4. Leave the laptop at home. Most hotels have Internet accessibility and workstations. Meanwhile our phones can do almost everything your computer does with a lot less weight. You’ll feel like you’ve got less on you to tempt thieves with, too.
  5. Keep toiletries to a half-gallon-sized bag. You can’t bring any more than that in your carry-on luggage and most places you stay will provide you with the basics. Do bring more specific items like, contact solution, which can be more difficult to obtain in foreign countries.
  6. Pack just the right number of socks and underwear in conjunction with how many days you’re gone. You can wash these in your sink and they are easy items to replace or buy along the way.
  7. Layers are your friend. Tank tops are in, so bring several to help keep your core warm and sheltered, if nothing else. Pack at least one button up shirt for a nice dinner and extra warmth. A thin windbreaker can add that extra layer of protection while not over heating you.
  8. Use cross over items. The extra-large beach towel can be used as an airline blanket, pillow at the beach, as a couch throw, or extra warmth. Gym shorts can double as a bathing suit. And bathing suits can act as undies.
  9. If you don’t know if you will 100% wear it while away, don’t bring it. Jackets and warmer clothes can be purchased. Swimwear can be dried and reused. Shoes hardly ever get noticed. And just because it is fashionable, doesn’t mean it is practical to be packed.

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