Poppers: sexual stimulation in a bottle

A little bit of ‘extra’ next time you go to fuck around.

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This article was published on October 4th, 2017

If bottoming makes you nervous, you’re attempting to take something up your butt that is larger than you’re used to, or you’re simply looking to enhance your sex life without the use of hard drugs, then poppers may be the solution you’re looking for to increase the enjoyment of your sex life.

Poppers are a bottoms best friend. A quick whiff and you will be relaxed in seconds, ready to take any dick you can imagine. Best fresh, and shaken, not stirred, poppers, or nitrites, have been helping bottoms take dick for decades. Poppers got their name from the popping sound that’s made when the little bottle they come in is opened.

Intentionally inhaled recreationally since the 1960’s, the chemical in a bottle has been in-and-out a popularity over the years. The dancehall craze increased the use of poppers, and the sexual revolution increased their use, even today.

Poppers are so wild and crazy to some nations, including Canada and some European countries, have banned their sale, or at least certain ingredients, all together. Amyl nitrates are the most commonly sold around the world, but isopropyl and isobutyl nitrates are also common. The EU banned the isobutyl form of poppers, classifying them as drugs, and users have found ways around this as manufacturers have now taken to hiding poppers and disguising them as ordinary items like polishes, video head cleaners, and room deodorizers.

While the validity of banning poppers as drugs is still debated on the world scene, poppers remain an item of choice for those who partake in drugs and those who don’t.

Users experience a brief euphoria and hypersensitivity during sex. Poppers relax your body and muscles and provide an overwhelming feeling of warmth and pleasure when using them. While typically used in gay culture for bottoms trying to be passive, eager, or take in a bigger dick, tops can use them to help heighten the sensitivity of sexual stimulation.

Though most recreational users claim poppers are completely harmless, they have proven to be fatal in some cases where certain prescription drugs are used in conjunction with poppers. Viagra, for example, is a pill that should not be used in combination with poppers. Poppers can lower the blood pressure and increase the heart rate, and Viagra mixed with this can do severe damage to your heart, and could even lead to a fatal reaction. Though dying with a hard on in the middle of sex might seem like a desirable way for some of us to go, think about your partner before deciding to gamble with your life.

You can find most popper varieties at sex shops and adult bookstores. They can also be purchased online, and sometimes significantly cheaper. There are many different kinds available including popular brands like Jungle Juice, Rush, Amsterdam, and Greedy Pig, each with their own unique scent and experience. Pick up some poppers today for a little bit of ‘extra’ next time you go to fuck around.

Poppers: sexual stimulation in a bottle


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