Hiring an escort: find the relief you need

Hiring an escort may just be your best bet for fulfilling your desires.

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This article was published on October 18th, 2017

Hiring an escort: find the relief you needIf you are feeling depressed, it’s been a while since you last spent time with someone, want to fulfill a fantasy with a guy of your dreams, relax with a soothing massage in the privacy of your own home, or fill a lonely night with companionship, hiring an escort may be the solution for you to find the relief you need.

Escorts can be a fun, safe solution to your desires, fantasies, and provide comforting companionship. While at first you might be completely against considering an escort, you’re actually getting an experience and filling (pun intended) a need for your desires. Not everyone has time for dating, and dating apps have become so scandalous and riddled with fake people that it isn’t always easy to get the types of sexual activities you may be looking for.

Just to be clear: hiring someone for sexual services is illegal in most jurisdictions and countries, including in the United States and Canada. It is illegal to solicit for sexual services. Take time to learn about local laws in regards to the world’s oldest profession. Avoid criminal charges and arrest by communicating honestly with escorts. In most cases, undercover police must disclose their identity upon being asked, so it is advised to get that question out of the way early on and before the escort arrives. If the police do arrive or get involved, remember you have a right to an attorney.

When hiring an escort, be honest about what you want and the fantasy you want to fulfill. Not being clear could end up a disaster, instead of satisfying your desires. Remember, these are trained professionals. Whether you are looking to experience and explore a diaper fetish, watersports fascination, or spanking kinks, there is nothing they haven’t seen before. It’s also important not to waste their time with non-stop banter, low-balling or negotiating for a cheaper rate, and be serious, when you reach out to making a booking.

If you do have a certain kink, fetish, or skill set you are looking for, inquire with guys that have ads that describe what you’re interested in. Be honest about what are you are looking for. For some people, this is their profession and livelihood. Have cash ready for them and know how to appropriately make a payment to an escort to make the transaction legal. You can pay for companionship, but you cannot pay for sex or solicit for sex. In some cases paying before the act could result in better service, but be careful to make sure you are going to get what you pay for. You can either add a tip on at the end or inform them that you’d like to tip at the end to receive maximum service.

How exactly can you engage in the pursuit of an escort? There are lots of available escorts who typically list their profession on their profiles on apps like SCRUFF and Grindr and websites like BBRT, A4A, and Backpage. Websites like Craigslist can be used to post ads for what you are looking for and can be a decent way to vet an escort of your choosing. Keep financial details to a minimum and be careful about what you put in writing so as not to get exposed for soliciting an escort for sexual services.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t anything wrong with (other than the draconian laws preventing it), hiring an escort. Escort services shouldn’t be automatically assumed that it’s for sexual intention, especially if you’re wanting companionship, a massage, or some arm candy to go out with while visiting a new city. Most people have had a Risky Business/Pretty Woman fantasy once or twice. Life is short: don’t leave this planet regretting that you could have done something about it. Consider an escort to find the relief you need.

Hiring an escort: find the relief you need



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