Fierce fall fashion for men

The must haves list of fierce fall fashion is here and updated for fall 2017:

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According to fashion magazine editor Patsy Stone from TV’s Absolutely Fabulous, “you can never have enough hats, gloves, or shoes”. Sage advice for fashionistas and stylists. Footwear, headgear, and hand covers aren’t all that’s hot for fall fashion. The must haves list of fierce fall fashion for men is here and updated for fall 2017:

The Slim hoody. Perfect for the gym, that morning Pumpkin Spice Latte run, or for an extra protective layer underneath a blazer for a more dapper look, the slim/fitted hoody is a great piece of fall fashion to own.

Slim hoody

Southwestern print. Native American geometric angles and southwestern print has been fashionable for a while, and the look doesn’t seem to be going away soon. Triangle and square-lined patterns are still all the fashion rage!

Southwestern print

Patterned pockets. The standard T-shirt is getting turnt out these days with contrasting and colorful breast pockets added onto V-necks and dress shirts as well. These vibrant additions to plain T-shirts help give wearers the appearance of a playful disposition and have been a fierce men’s fashion piece for a season or two.

Patterned pockets

Jumpers. No longer just a piece of clothing Americans can’t really picture, this British- namesake article of clothing is known to us in the states as a pullover. Jumpers or pullovers, whichever you fancy, make great layers and are perfect for going out in without freezing your butt off in the cooler fall weather.


Rebel with a cause jacket. Black, blue, and brown polyester jackets with white and black striped cuffs are very hot this year. They provide a thin but solid layer of warmth and give wearers a bad-boy appeal. Prove you’re a rebel with a cause with this fierce fall fashion statement of men’s fashion.

Rebel with a cause jacket

Meggings. Back for another season are the fastest growing sports apparel item out there. Meggings or leggings for men have become very popular in recent years and should be a fall fashion workout statement piece in every man’s collection.

Meggings: Leggings are no longer just for the ladies

Gray sweat pants. For the crotch watcher in us all, the gray sweat pant leaves very little of the male anatomy in question. For men’s fashion, they’re comfortable, sexy, and show off the best of a men’s assets.

Gray sweat pants

Boots are made for me walking. Whether it be work boots, Doc Martens, two-toned, mid ankle, or straight up shitkickers, boots were mad for walking this fall fashion season. Combined with jeans or slacks, either tucked into the ankle for the Aviator look, or worn straight, boots are a fierce fall fashion statement that will give you an air of sophistication.


Did Homoculture hit the fierce fall fashion for men nail on the head or are we missing some essentially fierce fall fashion pieces? Let us know in the comments below!


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