Fly solo: great places for single gays to travel

Great vacation ideas for young, single gay man.

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This article was published on October 29th, 2017

Traveling the world is on a lot of people’s bucket list, and there is no greater rite of passage into adulthood than solo globetrotting. Don’t have a boyfriend, husband, or partner? No problem! Vacationing by yourself builds character, thrusts you into the location, forces you to talk to new people, and challenges you to jump headfirst into your new experiences all by yourself. Single gay travel can be a lot of fun, especially when you know where to go and what your best options are.

Not just anyone can take off for the open road without a companion. And not all locations you want to visit are exactly gay friendly. Here are some great general vacation ideas for a young single gay man.

Single gay travel

The gay cruise

A pretty safe bet if you’re looking for a gaycation without all the stress of going to a foreign place by yourself is taking an all-gay cruise. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve joined 3,000 of your gay brethren aboard a boat bigger than the Titanic clad in costumes dancing until the sun comes up in the middle of the ocean! The downside? Getting a room on your own can be expensive. And who wants to take the risk with being placed with a roommate?

The all-gay resort

The all-gay resort has all the benefits of a gay cruise: all you can eat, all gay, and beautiful scenery, without all the seasickness and motion of the ocean. Many gay resorts offer all-inclusive alcohol, so you can get as drunk as you want for free! And stumbling back to your room has never been easier! A gay resort can be the single gay man’s best holiday escape with little to no responsibility involved.

The youth tour

Countries abroad can be difficult to venture to sans amigos, but hitching onto a country group tour might be your best bet. You have someone else plan your itinerary and the security blanket of having a group of people to turn to in case issues arise. Group tours often include meals and always have someone who knows the language or culture. They also relinquish the responsibility of having to make plans on where to go or what to do: both activities are always integrated into the tour.

The adult summer camp

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend summer camp as a child and want to live out your youthful fantasies while drinking enough alcohol in a weekend to last you a lifetime, then the adult summer camp might be your best bet as a single gay man traveling alone. Whether just looking to get out of town or really needing a break from society, think about ditching rehab for the opposite: a boozy weekend out in the woods.

The retreat

From meditation to spiritual to nature, the retreat can be a great option for the single gay man looking to travel by himself. Like resorts, retreats come with things like all-inclusive food programs. Like camping, retreats are an escape from the real world. Need a little R&R or just the chance to get away from it all? Retreats might be perfect for you.

The gay mecca

One of your best allies while traveling is the gay mecca. Most major cities have a gayborhood, but there are several places at home and abroad that can be considered gay centers of the universe. Palm Springs, West Hollywood, and San Francisco in California are mostly gay. Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New York‘s Hell’s Kitchen are nearly entirely gay. Internationally, cities like Berlin, Sydney, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, the Canary Islands, and Tel Aviv are internationally recognized for being the gay-friendliest places on earth. Gay Meccas mean you’ll find safety and sanctuary amongst fellow LGBT people. You know the tolerance and acceptance level for gay people will be high and you’ll be certain to be in good company and meet people, single gay traveler.

Have you been a single gay traveller and had an amazing experience? Leave your comments below on the best vacation ideas you have for guys interested in single gay travel.

Single gay travel

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