Age with amazing grace

Here are some tips you might wanna consider to help you age with amazing grace.

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This article was published on October 31st, 2017

Getting older doesn’t have to be a death sentence, especially in the gay world. Instead of wallowing in self-pity about turning another year under your belt, accept yourself for whom you are and what you have left to offer the world. Here are some tips you might want to consider to help you age with amazing grace.

Dress age-appropriately. Getting older, gay men may experience physical changes–they aren’t what they used to be. Wear clothes that compliment your best features. Don’t wear tight t-shirts to a gay bar with you’re 50 and don’t have the body for it. Start dressing like you want to be viewed by the world: with respect.

Sip into some sophistication. Ditch the old drinks you used to abide in and try something with a little sophistication. Save the screwdrivers and margaritas for the kids. Mix with the upper crust heck out the wonderful world of wines, whiskies, and scotches. You’ll find you have a brand-new thing to talk about amongst the intellectual class.

Mix with your own crowd.  Clubs are a fun place to dance and get drinks with your friends, but a way to actually meet people is by hosting or attending events and soirees at people’s homes. Game nights, movie nights, and dinner parties are the adulting way to make friends and influence people.

Find someone your own age to play with. Unless you’re a sugar daddy, try having sex with someone your own age or older. With age, comes experience, so you’re likely to have better sex anyways. 20-somethings may have the looks and the youth, but these are only temporary, sweetie.

Keep up without over doing it. Just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about things like pop culture or the current smash hit on the radios or in theatres. However, there are a lot more important things in life than following, with bated breath, everything Justin Bieber does.

Accept that single is still fabulous. It used to be that being single and getting older meant no one wanted you. Now, it means that you are so fabulous that you have the patience to wait for the perfect mate to walk into your life. Don’t forget that being single and selective versus settling is still better than being in a shitty relationship out of fear of being alone.

Remember that age is only a number. Getting older doesn’t mean you are slipping out of being as amazing as you once were. Age is a number. Instead of looking at it as some daunting inevitability, embrace your age and set new goals for yourself. You’re never too old to have dreams and aspire to achieve them.

Do you or someone you know struggle with the idea of how to age with amazing grace? It’s not uncommon. While you may want to subtly share this article with a friend, group of friends, or on your social media accounts, leaving your ideas and suggestions below on how you think others can age with amazing grace will also be appreciated by others.

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