Kitchen gadgets to up your gastronomic game

These kitchen gadgets make cooking life much easier.

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Watching someone use their hands preparing a delicious snack for you or twerking it out while making a meal in the kitchen; cooking is sexy. One of the most romantic things you can do for someone is make them a meal–be it candlelit dinner or breakfast in bed. Anyone can be a Martha Stewart in the kitchen with right recipes and the correct tools. Up your gastronomic ante by pimping out and stacking up your kitchenware. These are the kitchen gadgets that will up your culinary game.

George Foreman grill: Not everyone has a beautiful back yard with a BBQ grill. A great way to compensate is with a George Foreman grill. You can grill most foods indoors with a George Foreman, and the fat trapper at the bottom catches all those unnecessary calories in a convenient little tray. Perfect for grilling meats without the mess, and cutting out those important calories.

George Foreman grill

Microwave egg cooker: A great source of protein, eggs are an essential part of every gay man’s diet. Don’t have the time to cook one over the stove? A microwaveable egg cooker can heat a single egg in under a minute and a half. Most microwaveable egg cookers come in porcelain, making them easy to clean and are an environmentally friendly kitchen gadget.

Microwave egg cooker

Collapsible colander: Storage can often be in an issue in kitchens, especially when it comes to urban living. Though often completely necessary to own, a colander can be a complete pain in the ass to stow away in cabinets. The collapsible colander, however, is easy to store by collapsing it flat. It’s very versatile as it can be used to drain virtually anything.

Collapsible colander

Popcorn maker: While more of a novelty, making fresh, homemade popcorn from either a stove top, hot air, or movie theatre-style popcorn maker is pretty damn impressive by any means. It also gets people in the mood to chillax and enjoy a good flick. Who doesn’t like fresh popcorn?

Popcorn maker

Blender: A good blender is essential for a healthy lifestyle and putting on muscle. Make perfect protein shakes and blend those veggies into a wonderful wellness shake. A good blender with a juicer attachment is a great kitchen gadget for those looking to juice themselves into better eating.


Crockpot: Not just your aunt Shirley’s favorite means of cooking things, a crockpot is great for slow cooking a huge variety of foods without a lot of work or maintenance. Just throw in your favorite ingredients, cover, set on low heat, and bounce! Crockpots are a kitchen gadget meant for those with busy lifestyles.


Rice cooker: A good rice cooker can go a long way in the kitchen gadgets department. Rice is just as easy to f-up as it is to prepare perfectly, and a rice cooker can help you achieve pilaf or risotto radness in no time. Much like its friend, the crockpot, a rice cooker is as easy as dropping a load off…of laundry.

Rice cooker

Of course, these are just some of our favorite kitchen gadgets. What are yours? Share your best kitchenware tools in the comments section below.

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