Let it go, Elsa: When to give up on a guy on Grindr

Knowing when to give up on a guy on Grindr or other "dating" apps is practically an art form.

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This article was published on November 6th, 2017

You’ve tapped, said hi, sent pics… he continues to ignore you, but you think he’s really hot and you’re into it. At what point do you need to know when to let it go, Elsa? Knowing when to give up on a guy on Grindr or other “dating” apps is practically an art form. But Homoculture is here to help: Here’s your definitive guide to knowing when to give up on a guy on Grindr.

  1. He’s stopped responding. This should be a dead giveaway to most guys, but sometimes it’s just hard to walk away from a total hottie. If he doesn’t respond for more than a week, ‘walk away’ with your dignity still intact. He probably wasn’t worth your time, anyway.
  2. He’s asked you the same questions more than twice. Sure, some people have short attention spans, but a clear indication that the guy you’re chatting with isn’t saving all his lovin’ for you by constantly asking you to repeat information you already gave. It isn’t that hard to remember that you’re vers and like making out, oral, anal, WS, undies, public sex, and rimming.
  3. He refuses to send more photos. A picture says a thousand words, but sometimes the potentiality of hooking up with someone lies in an additional image of certain body parts being sent. If he refuses to send pics of his face, body, or sexual parts, what else does he want to hide?
  4. He keeps giving you the run around. Just because someone is über hot and you’re really into them, doesn’t mean they should successfully lead you on for months and months without any meet up or anything. He mightn’t be trying to catfish you, but he may just be bored and have no desire to hook up in the first place. If you haven’t hooked up with the guy in 50 messages or less, give up on that guy on Grindr.
  5. He isn’t engaging in reciprocated behavior. Your future lover/trick should be just as into you as you are into him. If you find yourself initiating all of the contact and communication or get a hint that he might not be all that into you, then walk away from the guy. There are plenty of guys on Grindr and plenty of them want to give you the time of day. Hold out for the one that makes you feel worth it. It will be in the end.
  6. Don’t take any dating/social app too seriously. Grindr doesn’t work for everyone. It is an application on your phone specifically for locating other gay guys in your area and hooking up with them. It’s not rocket science. Life happens and issues arise where people cancel or are flakey. Just take it all in with a grain of salt. No app is worth making you feel bad or less than your badass amazing self!

Let it go, Elsa: When to give up on a guy on Grindr


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