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This article was published on November 13th, 2017

Sophisticated adulting requires a refined taste of beverage, especially when entertaining. Ditch the standard vodka-soda-lime for a grownup beverage with a history of elegance and excellence. Scotch is one of the oldest liquors in the world, and whisky enthusiasts enjoy it with a passion because of its deep flavor and specific characteristics. Sip into something sophisticated with seductive scotch and explore the 2017 HopScotch Festival in Vancouver November 20-26.

Sip sophisticated scotch at the 2017 HopScotch Festival

Scotch, like you, ages gracefully, and a great place to explore which scotch is right for you is finding an aged malt or grain scotch whisky. The term scotch refers to either variety of whisky made exclusively in Scotland and made in a specific way as dictated by strict rules and regulations by a governing board. All scotch comes from malted barley and aged in barrels for at least three years prior to being bottled. Scotch has been around for more than 500 years as a beverage of choice for monks to priests, to kings and everyone in between.

There are two main types of Scotch: single malt and single grain whisky. Single malt refers to Scotch whisky made at a single distillery with malted barley and water only. Single grain Scotch is a Scottish whisky made with malted barley and water and may include other grains and cereals, malted or not, that are distilled at a single distillery. The term ‘single’ refers to each type being produced in a single distillery.

Sip sophisticated scotch at the 2017 HopScotch Festival

There are also three types of blended Scotch: blended malt scotch meaning two malt scotch whiskeys, each from a different distillery, which have been blended together. Blended scotch whisky which is a mix of one or more single malt Scotch whiskies with one or more single grain scotch whiskies. Blended grain scotch whisky, which is a blend of two or more single grain Scotch whiskies from at least two different distilleries.

There are many ways to pour, serve, and enjoy scotch with plenty of deliciously decadent accessories like whisky rocks and crystal glassware. Possibly the most sophisticated way to partake in scotch is by sipping it neat. Pour your scotch into a rocks glass about 30 percent full. Let your scotch breathe for a few minutes. Before sipping, lift the glass to your nose and inhale the rich scents and flavors of your whisky. Then sip on the whisky and let the flavor reside at the tip of your tongue for a second. If room temperature beverages aren’t your things try pouring your scotch over ice or adding a bit of cold water to delude it. Sniff it as before and sip away. Now, you’re drinking scotch like a pro.

Sip sophisticated scotch at the 2017 HopScotch Festival

If you really want to take your indulgence to the next level and live in Vancouver, venture to the 2017 HopScotch festival, November 20-26. The HopScotch Festival is a beverage and culinary connoisseur’s dream come true. This year, there are more than 130 booths offering food, craft beer, local wines, and plenty of scotch whisky to sample and drink. There will be a wine garden, beer garden, master chefs, and plenty of booths to check out all that Vancouver has to offer. The 2017 HopScotch Festival is the biggest festival of its kind in the area at this time of year, and is a must do November 20-26, 2017.

Get your 2017 HopScotch Festival tickets online now.

Sip sophisticated scotch at the 2017 HopScotch Festival


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