Wear pink on Stand Up to Bullying Day!

Show your support for your friends, family, and fellow humans by wearing pink and standing up to oppression on Stand Up To Bullying Day.

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Bullying has become an epidemic felt by many young people around the world, but there is an initiative to bring light to this treatment and put a stop to it once and for all. This Thursday, November 24, 2017, take a stand with those oppressed by wearing pink to bring attention to and stop bullying on this Stand Up to Bullying Day.

Started in 2008, Stand Up to Bullying Day began with 236 schools, clubs, and organizations comprised of 125, 000 students, teachers, volunteers, and workers wore the color pink and signed a pledge to stand up to bullying. Now, stand up to bullying day is celebrated internationally in more than 28 countries on the third Friday of every November.

Wear pink on Stand Up to Bullying Day!

Choosing to get in pink on Stand Up to Bullying Day means making a commitment to stand up to and oppose bullying. Participants can either carry pink flags or signs with them or physically wear the color to show victims of bullying that there a peer support system willing to stand up for them.

The color pink was chosen as the official color because it was the color of the shirt a Canadian student chose to wear to school one day in 2007 and was bullied for it. The subsequent movement it caused after two students chose to wear pink—in solidarity with the student and against bullying—that lead to an entire sea of students following suit at their school, eventually throughout Canada, and the world. The color has now been embraced as the official color of Stand Up to Bullying Day.

In an effort to coincide with Anti-Bullying week, Stand Up to Bullying Day falls on the third Friday in November and will be recognized on Thursday, November 24, 2017. Take a stand by wearing pink, making a charitable donation to a group like The Trevor Project, ACLU, or ERASE Bullying. All are great organizations doing amazing things for those oppressed, bullied, or felt left behind.

More importantly, take Anti-Bullying week and Stand Up to Bullying Day to a higher level by making a point to be kinder to one another this week. Look out for one another. And love each other more. If we all stand up to bullying, stood up for one another, and supported each other, we’d all help make the world a better place. You can start with Stand Up to Bullying Day and pledge to make it an everyday occurrence.

Wear pink on Stand Up to Bullying Day!

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