The smart travel packing checklist

Your guide to successful packing before a trip or vacation.

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This article was published on November 26th, 2017

Traveling smart doesn’t mean shoving as much into a suitcase as you can so you are prepared for every conceivable probability and outcome. Preparedness for a trip means being wise with the items you fill your suitcase with. Here is the smart travel packing checklist of the things you should pack, so you don’t forget:

Tickets, Money, Passport! You’re going to need your passport to travel anywhere internationally, the tickets to ride, and money in your pocket to get you where you are going.

Driver’s license. You never know when this may be valuable. Don’t carry your passport around with you as an ID. Bring your driver’s license with you wherever you go as identification and if you possibly end up driving. Replacing a driver’s license is a hellova lot easier than replacing a passport.

Photocopies. Keep a color photo copy of both your driver’s license and your passport on a sheet of paper tucked into your suitcase, just in case.

A camera. Sure, you can just rely on your smart phone or tablet, but having a real, full-fledged camera with you can help you turn your memories into stunning images when you’re back home. Just be sure to have a carrying case for it, too.

Phone and computer chargers. You’ll want the same accessibility abroad or on holiday as you do at home. Don’t forget to pack your smartphone charger so you’ll have enough juice.

A backup, portable battery charger. You have no idea how much you can actually be on your phone on vacation until you are traveling. GPS, your camera, texting, Wi-Fi, roaming, videoing, listening to music, etc. all drains the life of your battery. Having a portable battery charger with you means you won’t have to be worried about getting lost or anything in a foreign land.

Contact lens solution and any other medicine you require. Use a minoxidil on your hair? Wear contact lenses? A special kind of deodorant? Or take medicine you need like PrEP? Don’t forget to pack your medicinal cosmetics, too.

A light jacket. Having an extra light jacket can serve you well in times of needing an extra layer of clothing, for a make-shift pillow, for rain cover, and a slew of other practical reasons you might want to pack one.

A sense of adventure. Don’t forget to pack an eagerness and sense of adventure. Traveling is the best medication and education experience you can have. Pack your joy and excitement and leave your anxiety behind you!

Are there other essential items that you always ensure is in your bag before you head out on an adventure, holiday, or journey? Leave your comments below on what you can leave the house without that are on your travel packing checklist.

The smart travel packing checklist

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