Matinee Las Vegas 2018: join thousands of gay men ready to party in Sin City

Matinee Las Vegas is the biggest, best circuit party in North America and a great introduction to the circuit party scene.

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This article was published on November 28th, 2017

Gay men love great music, sexy bodies, and amazing parties. It’s taken to an entirely new level at the greatest circuit party in North America, Matinee Las Vegas 2018. Matinee returns to Sin City in May 2018 to entertain thousands of gay men for an epic weekend of partying, dancing, mingling, and living! It’s the ultimate circuit party, and if you’ve never experience one before, this is the party you do not want to miss out on, and if you get your tickets now, you’ll get the best price!

Hot fun under the sun at Matinee Las Vegas 2016

Circuit parties and raves are not the same thing. Raves are typically a single night event, which with an alternative crowd, and has a heavy drug influence. Circuit parties are designed and primarily only attract gay men. They are multiple day events, with parties at multiple venues, and unlike raves, circuit parties serve alcohol.

Matinee Las Vegas 2017, a non-stop, 3-day, action-packed gay music festival, with 9 signature parties.

Because of the vast number of guys that attend, circuit parties can be held in a variety of cool and unique locations including factories, warehouses, large super clubs, massive yachts, entire boutique hotels, and at outdoors venues like festival grounds, parking lots, zoo’s, and water parks.

Circuit parties primarily attract gay men, and everyone is there to dance and have fun. Circuit parties are most fun when you come with a group of friends and really get involved with the themes; they’re meant to be fun.

Matinee Las Vegas 2017 - Cowabunga Waterpark performance

Matinee Las Vegas is one such circuit party that has grown so much over the years that it is now an entire weekend of parties and events for every niche in the gay community.

Matinee Las Vegas 2018 is more than just a party! Dress up in costumes to fit the theme of events. There’s always at least one or more pool parties, so you can show off your sexy body in a pair of hot speedos. Or flaunt your sexy harnesses and gear at one of the many night events. This is a fashion statement event. Go all out. You won’t be judged in this environment because everyone who comes to Matinee is there to have a blast.

Though the talent hasn’t been announced Matinee Las Vegas 2018, previous years include world renown DJs Nina Flowers, DJ Abel, Dan Slater, Corey Craig, Lydia Sanz, and more to give an example of the caliber of DJ’s at this festival. At Matinee Las Vegas you’ll surrounded by thousands of shirtless guys and among entertainers like circus performers, fire blowers, go-go dancers, and stilt walkers.

Hot fun under the sun at Matinee Las Vegas 2016

If you love to club, dance, move to music, being social, meeting new people, or just want to try something completely different- give Matinee Las Vegas 2018 a try! It’s the circuit party of all circuit parties.

Matinee Las Vegas 2018 leaderboard

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A sinfully good Sin City show at Drag Brunch Las Vegas

And don’t forget that Matinee Las Vegas 2018 is held in the adult entertainment capital of the world. There are lots of other fun things to do while in Sin City drag queen brunch and shows like Cirque du Soleil’s provocative Zumanity.

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