Tips on how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents

Introducing your boyfriend to your parents is never easy, but worth it in the end.

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Dating a new guy can be fun, exciting, romantic, amazing, and challenging, especially around holiday season. Christmas is a time to be around family and loved ones, and obviously you want to spend as much time with your boyfriend as possible, too. So, when exactly is the right time and place to introduce your boyfriend to your parents and do it right?

Tips on how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents

Gay couples all too often have the misfortune of being rejected by one or the other’s parents and family. Bringing someone home for the holidays isn’t easy for most anyone, gay or straight. You know your family better than anyone—how will they react to your bringing home a new man? Unless you’ve been dating a significant period of time, and or know for a fact that your family is going to be super cool with it, you might want to wait before bringing him around family. That is, unless your boo hasn’t another place to go.

It’s best not to leave ‘meeting the parents’ to when you arrive home on the doorstep for the holidays. It’s best to introduce him way before the holidays start. Don’t give unsuspecting dad a heart attack or cause family strife by just showing up to the holidays with a new man on your arm. The kamakazing of the family holiday with a surprise guest and a: “Merry Christmas. Meet my boyfriend”, rarely goes over well outside of Hollywood. Try bringing him around on a weekend in October or for American Thanksgiving.

Tips on how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents

Bringing him around at Christmas? Make sure he knows to follow through with your family traditions so he doesn’t feel out of place. If gift exchange goes down, don’t leave him showing up empty handed, for instance. Have him wear a onesie or an ugly sweater if that is your family’s thing. Always bring something for whoever is hosting the get together, be it just a bottle of wine, a side dish, or both.

The best way to introduce your boyfriend to your parents is to put your best foot forward: “Mom, Dad,” always addressing your parents first to show they rank higher in your respect, “This is my boyfriend/partner _____.” If your bae is smart, he’ll have a bottle in his hand and prefer to lean in for a hug versus the formidable handshake with your father.

Tips on how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents

In the end, be respectful to your family while being there for your man. By introducing your BF to your family, you’ve just escorted, hand in hand, a sheep into the lion’s den. Be ready to pounce on any family members verbally assaulting your man with inappropriate questions and come to his defense when he needs it most. It’s easy to introduce your boyfriend to your parents if you keep in mind that you are also introducing your parents to your new man.

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