A modern gay Christmas

Gay versus straight Christmas: what's the difference?

HomoCulture Brian Webb

This article was published on December 7th, 2017

It’s pretty well known that gay people just do everything better. Christmas is no exception. Gays take it beyond anything basic and make it just that little bit extra, so it’s not too over the top, but just borderline Christmas perfection. Just like Christmas, the image of ‘traditional families’ is rapidly changing. Gay families have turnt up the holidays just as much as the straights have, resulting in a modern gay Christmas is just as fabulous, if not more.

When it comes to the holidays, there really aren’t many differences in the ways gays celebrate versus a heteronormative family, minus the high bar of creativity and obsession of queer folk this time of year. One of the biggest differences is gay couples often don’t have children and aren’t always connected with their blood families. But gays often make their own family tribe, and who doesn’t love a fierce destination vacation at Christmas? Christmas is a great opportunity for double-income/no-kids couples to escape on an epic adventure, romantic holiday, or explore a new region or culture – there’s no need to worry about traditions, decorations, or family gatherings.

A modern gay Christmas

Meanwhile, LGBT people who do have families or don’t still swallow up the holiday season and revel in all its festivities. Gay dads and moms with kids still take the little ones to get photo with Santa. Gifts are given from Hanukkah to the solstice to Christmas Eve and up until the new year in gay and straight households. Stockings are both hung from the chimney with care. A tree gets put up. Yummy food, loved ones near, and a joined gratitude for being alive is felt by all.

It’s the best Christmas gift.

Mind you, in a lot of gay households in December, things will be taken to a new level of extra. The Christmas decorations are more elaborate and fabulous. The presents aren’t just bagged up with tissue paper, oh no. Gift’s are covered in stunning wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows that were personally done up by them. Even the food is extravagant. Turkey may be tradition, but why not steak and lobster? There’s no way there would be things like canned cranberries or instant potatoes in a queer household. Everything is made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Modern Gay Christmas - Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

And let us not, forget, finally, the masters of holiday parties: the gays. LGBT peps throw the bombest Christmas parties ever. Hors d’oeuvres, deserts, the best damn ugly Christmas sweaters ever, and of course there will be signature Stoli Christmas cocktails served. At a good holigay party, the Christmas caroling doesn’t stop and neither does the eggnog. Gay people mightn’t do things that differently, but we can throw one hellova good holiday soirée. Isn’t that what the Christmas is all about?

A modern gay Christmas

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