Men’s holiday hairstyles

7 holiday hairstyles for gay men this Christmas.

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This article was published on December 9th, 2017

For nearly 20 years, Ariane Marie has been turning out amazing men’s haircuts and built a name for herself in the Midwest as a go-to men’s hair stylist and groomer. The St. Louis-based cosmetologist dishes her advice on holiday hairstyles for hot gay men this upcoming Christmas.

  1. Feathered Bangs. Bangs aren’t just for Audrey Hepburn like women. The feathered or textured bang cut has a tight fade in the back with hair on top pushed forward and textured with product to give it that full, messy, feathered look. Think Ricky Martin circa now.
  2. The pompadour. As they say in the south, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” The pompadour is here to stay in terms of men’s haircuts with new, different, modern takes on this classic look. Whether it’s the short pompadour, pomp, fade, or the tight fade back pompadour, this leaves lots on top to manipulate and mess of for a fun, more playful look.
  3. Designs on necklines and the back of the hair. Barbers are tearing it up with their artistry in the designs that keep popping up on the back of necklines of guys. Words, lines, shapes, photos, and full on scenes keep popping up, displaying the extreme talent of what they’re able to do with a pair of clippers and a razor.
  4. The textured crop. The textured crop has sides that are cut extremely short that stops at the crown, which is layered and feathered up for volume and texture. This look can be spiked up, combed over, or combed back.
  5. The undercut. The undercut keeps the hair on top of the head a considerable length white clippering everything below the crown to a short length. Great for guys with thick hair, this style can be worn with the hair on top pompadoured, combed forward, or down, all the while leaving the guy’s head feeling cool and light underneath due to how short the sides are.
  6. Surgical/razor lines. A trend that’s already been around a few years now, adding a surgical/razor line shaved bare to the skin as a part or some kind of design on the head is still very much in for 2018. A nice lone razor line cut with a comb over part is a great look.
  7. The neck wave into tapered neck. Another great cut for guys with long hair, having a tapered neck that builds into a neck wave is a throwback to the industrial age having a comeback in the digital era. Combed back in a Howard Hughes look, parted down the middle, is the way to go with this men’s haircut.

Are you a stylists, groomer, or fashionista who has some great recommendations for holiday hairstyles for men this Christmas? Let’s make this the most on fleak holiday season, ever. Leave your ideas, suggestions, and tips in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “Men’s holiday hairstyles

  1. Glenn

    These ridiculous “shaved on the side/6 inches long on the top” do’s are, in 2 years, going to be the cause of a LOT of “What the hell was I thinking?” statements when they see pictures of themselves. They are FAR better than the man-buns of a year ago but are no less ridiculous when every male you see on TV is wearing it.