Going homo for the holigays

Here are some tips to keep the peace when you go homo for the holidays this Christmas.

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This article was published on December 17th, 2017

Going homo for the holigaysThe holidays can be a difficult time for gay men, especially when having to face loved ones. Many gay men don’t have a family, are from a divided one, or a family that is not accepting. Let alone those of us gays who have particular or peculiar family members back home. Be prepared for whatever comes your way this Christmas with some guidance and advice about going homo for the holigays.

Keep the reason for the season in the back of your mind. Christmas is a time for togetherness and being with friends and family. The holidays are about quality time with your loved ones.

Stay optimistic, no matter what. If you go homo for the holidays with a good mindset and a positive outlook, the chances are much greater that you will have a good time with you family. Accept that you nor your family is perfect and don’t sweat the small stuff, let things get to you, or dive into a state of holiday depression.

There can be a lot of pressure to come out, introducing a new boyfriend or partner, rejection from family, awkward questions, etc. when going homo for the holidays. Prepare yourself and your partner with answers to some of the particularly cringe-worthy questions that could be asked of you.

If you are dating someone new and wish to bring them back home with you, consider trying to have them meet your parents before any major holiday family get together.

Minimize drama by avoiding conflict and steering clear of controversial subject matter and conversation pieces. Your parents or siblings may love doing it to get a rise out of you, but side step or ignore conversations that you know are ticking time bombs of familial fighting waiting to explode, like politics.

Stay true to yourself. Remember that your mother (hopefully) raised a responsible and respectful human being who is capable of spending the holidays with his family, but also someone who won’t and shouldn’t have to put up with anyone’s shit. Never put yourself out or succumb to feeling harassed or bullied by family.

If for some reason things do go south or aren’t going the way you had wished or perceived, there is absolutely nothing wrong with walking out or leaving the situation. Spending quality time with family when you go homo for the holidays is great, but don’t forget that they are your holidays, too.

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