Grindr Survivr – thriving in the age of dating apps

Grindr Survivr is a new book out by Andrew Londyn that tackles the struggle of thriving in the age of dating apps.

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This article was published on December 18th, 2017

There are a lot of pros of living in the digital age. Instant gratification is available at your fingertips. Virtually anything you want can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep the next day. However, when it comes to human connections, it seems interpersonal communications have begun to suffer as a result of immediate, rapid fire messaging. The dating atmosphere has completely changed in the era of online dating and applications. Grindr Survivr is a new book out by Andrew Londyn that tackles the struggle of thriving in the age of dating apps.

How to find happiness in the age of hookup apps

Grindr Survivor is an affirming look at the social dating scene today and how to properly navigate through it. In his book, Andrew Londyn offers a hilarious insight to the all too often tragic gay app life and gives his best advice on how to make the most of dating apps.

Grindr Survivr - thriving in the age of dating apps

The book centers around a set of gay commandments that make readers take a good hard look in the mirror before feeling too down about themselves. His step-by-step methodology in Grindr Survivr helps readers get out of their heads and rethink everything they know about the modern day gay dating scene. Your own personal etiquette and behavior towards other guys will be challenged. The premise is people change for the better and start showing each other more respect.

“Stop chasing perfection! Distinguish what you must have to be happy in a relationship from what’s merely icing on the cake.”

“Grindr Survivr initially started as a blog,” explains Grindr Survivor author, Andrew Londyn. “I guess it’s a tad cliché, but I’d often encounter some really cold, cruel people online, and that kind of behavior would just drive me insane, so writing my feelings down online helped a lot. Through the blog, I’d try to wrestle with why people would deliberately lead you one or say something mean when they didn’t have to. Considering that you can always block or ignore someone, it just seemed silly to waste time being rude or leading people on.”

In fact, a large portion of Grindr Survivr is about self-exploration and examining the cause and effect of words and actions that are initiated on dating apps. In Grindr Survivor, author Andrew Londyn establishes a moral code between gay guys on the way they act towards one each other. The Grindr Survivor gay commandments establish a set of rules and guidelines with the type and style of communication gays use.

“If he’s not keen to text you back, he’s never going to be keen enough to be your boyfriend.”

“Even if people disagree with my theories or the terms I’ve used, I hope they will live by their own internal commandments, which I hope will empower them to get clear about what they are committed to having for their lives and make it happen, rather than mindlessly swiping away and hoping for a different result,” said Andrew Londyn. “I hope my book might prompt other gay thought leaders to examine how gay men should interact on apps. I’ve heard so many people moan and say ‘everyone on Grindr is horrible,’ but what are we going to do about it? We often just moan and keep swiping.”

Grindr Survivr is really about turning everything queens know about dating in the digital world so everyone can be successful in trying to find the right person to date, versus just a random hook-up. If you’re wondering what you’ve been doing wrong or having a hard time dating anyone using dating/hookup apps, Grindr Survivr is an essential read. Get it today.

Grindr Survivr - thriving in the age of dating apps

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