Happy holigays from HomoCulture

Happy holigays and best wishes for a bright and prosperous new year.

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This article was published on December 25th, 2017

Dear HomoCulture readers, followers, and subscribers-

It’s that time of year again to thank all of our lovely loyal readers, subscribers, and followers throughout the years. 2017 proved to be another sensational year of reporting important news and information about our community, meeting and seeing so many of you throughout the year on the HomoCulture Tour, and sharing fun, memorable, and amazing moments along the way.

In 2018, it is important to continue to keep strong by sticking together, as a community of queer people and allies. It will bring a brighter future, protecting human rights and equality. There is still much work to be done in the fight for the rights of the entire LGBT community. It is vital to respect each other and the boundaries of other people, especially in the gay community.

The LGBT community continues to grow strong thanks to the many valuable not-for-profit organizations, which provide important services and programs for those in need and at risk. In 2018, find it in your heart to give back to the community through volunteerism or financial contributions. Whether it is at your local community center, HIV/AIDS, youth, refugee, or suicide resource center, your assistance is appreciated and will help those in need.

It has been an exciting year of growth at HomoCulture. In 2017, we welcomed Dr. Evan Goldstein and Koelen Andrews as regular contributors, who have provided provocative and insightful stories relevant to the gay community. The HomoCulture Tour took a big step, including visits to over 30 destinations and taking us on a 2.5 month journey across Europe. And fabulous partners, including Stoli, TELUS, Ford, Lincoln, Matinee USA, Fleshjack, and the Stockroom, helped taking HomoCulture down new avenues and deliver exciting content, programs, and adventures.

There will be plenty of new and stimulating things planned for 2018. The team of HomoCulture contributors are committed to producing content that is important to the LGBT community, and telling the stories that are important to you. The HomoCulture Tour will continue, visiting some of our favorite destinations, Pride parades, and events, and journey to explore new locations in the quest of meeting our readers and finding the stories of our community.

Thank you, dear readers, followers, and subscribers for your unwavering support. Please continue to read, comment, engage and share. We love hearing from you. If the HomoCulture Tour comes to a city near you, please let us know so we can meet you in person!

As a thank you for your loyalty over the years, I am giving all HomoCulture readers a free gift, for being so amazing! You can download you FREE copy of the 12 Stoli Cocktails of Christmas ebook. Get it now! Please drink responsibly.

Happy holigays and cheers for a bright and prosperous new year!

Brian Webb
Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Happy holiday's from HomoCulture editor-in-chief, Brian Webb


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