New Years resolutions you can rely on

Before the clock ticks midnight, set yourself up for success in 2018, with these New Year resolutions that you'll actually keep.

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This article was published on December 26th, 2017

Most people fail at New Years resolutions because they are often too difficult to maintain long term. A huge percentage of resolutions last only the first four weeks. Don’t be disappointed by failing to immediately achieve hard reachable goals.  Set yourself up for success in 2018, with these New Year resolutions.

New Years resolutions you can keep

Fitness. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle through working out don’t wait and start January 1. Start today. Set realistic goals with yourself.  Make SMART goals. ‘Getting fit’ isn’t a goal. Loosing 10 pounds of body fat in one month is a realistic and achievable goal, that is measurable, and time bound. There’s nothing wrong with changing up your workout routine.

Health and well being. Goals of eating healthier, avoiding late night post-drinking meals, or giving up smoking are all great goals. Start in early December for the best success. It doesn’t matter what day you begin, it just matters that you start and keep going.

Give back. Making the resolution to give back and help humanity in some way benefits your well being just as much as the people you are helping. Even if it’s just for a few hours a few days a year, giving back is a resolution that’s also pretty easy to keep. Get a friend or two involved, too.

Quality time. Spend more time with friends and loved ones. The ones dearest to us can always use to be reminded how much they mean to us. And often, that means simply showing up and being there. You’ll never regret spending as much time as possible with your best peeps before they’re gone.

Do something different. Take a class. Pick up learning a new language. Sport a new haircut. Look into changing professions or careers. Redecorate and rearrange your living room or bedroom.

Do you. Make a promise to yourself to do more things for you. Things like spending less time in the office, going for regular massages to reduce stress, or treat yourself to a fabulous new fashion piece. Whatever it is, do it for you, and feel good about it.

Resolve. Take the time in 2018 to deal with an issue that has troubled you. Moving on and feeling good about it is much easier when you have resolved issues from your past. Having the strength to face something from your past and finally squash it is good for the psyche and will leave you with a lot more clarity going into and living in 2018.

New Years resolutions you can keep

Before the clock ticks midnight, think about your New Years resolutions goals, write them down, and then stick with them. You will set yourself up for ultimate success and have a richer, more vibrant 2018.

Do you have tricks for successful New Years resolutions? Leave your tips in comments section below.

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