How to keep a firm ass

Here is what you need to do to keep that firm butt.

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This article was published on December 28th, 2017

Everyone from Sir Mix A Lot to Pitbull to Jennifer Lopez and all of the rest in between, like a big butt. A juicy booty is one of the sexiest parts of a man, especially if you’re on the dominant end of the gay male dating spectrum. But getting that butt, and keeping a firm ass, takes a bit of maintenance and dedication on your derrière. Here is what you need to do to keep that firm butt.

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  1. How to keep a firm assStay off it. Sitting down frequently during the day leads to cellulite buildup. Walking around and sitting as little as possible helps strengthen all your leg muscles, including your buttocks. Doing just about any physical exercise other than simply sitting will better for your backside.
  2. Squat your butt down to great ass glory. Doing squats while you work out is probably the easiest way to obtain and sustain the ass of your dreams. There are no weights required and you can squat virtually everywhere. Doing squats = a firm butt.
  3. Watch what you eat. Consume only high protein foods low in fat. While we may be looking for a phat ass, trying to plump your rear with high-fatty foods is the wrong way to go. Keep up with the greens and proteins. A well balanced is the ticket to big booty-liciousness.
  4. Take the steps. Cut the running for other cardio-cutting exercises. Instead, think about taking the stairs into work and try other exercises that don’t shrink your butt.
  5. Step workouts are also great. There are many step aerobics courses available in gyms. If you don’t have a step to practice with, a footstool or small chair does the same trick. It’s the physical act of lifting your legs up and down that really plumpen your posterior.
  6. Lunge your way to the ass of your dreams. Front lunges, back lunges, side, lunges, walking lunges…basically any and all lunges you do will help sculpt your gluteus maximus to new bubble butt perfection.
  7. Reverse hyper-extend your way to the butt of your dreams. Doing intervals of reverse hyperextensions will help tighten your butt and make it fuller. Complete a good leg workout with reverse hyperextensions and your backside will tighten up quicker. Hyperextensions can be done facing down on the ground, on a workout bench, or on top of a series of backless chairs/waist-high stools.

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