The bottle of bubbles countdown

Here's the official countdown of bottles of bubbly for your holiday festivities.

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Cheers! And Happy New Year is not complete without the most celebratory of toasting beverages: bubbles! You’re going to need some sparkle this holiday season. From easy on the pocketbook (perfect for mimosas), to top shelf (pop to impress), here is the run down of bottle of bubbles to serve over the holidays, depending on how you’re intending on using them.

The bottle of bubbles countdown

Looking to a pick up a wine with bubbles that won’t break your bank but is perfect for brunch or having some close friends over? Pop the Prosecco this holiday season. It’s mild sweetness and light carbonation make this Italian sparkling wine an excellent combo for mimosas and just general partaking. Prosecco, with its smooth taste and rich finish is also an excellent New Year’s Eve toasting wine to pass out to the entire party

Adhere to those New Year’s resolutions early by hosting a healthy holiday party featuring low calorie and sugar content Brut. It is dry earthy flavor is perfect for enjoying by a fireside or gathered around the piano singing Christmas Carols. Enjoy six different levels of Brut going from sweetest to driest, so think about incorporating a tasting of different types of Brut into your festivities.

Christmas and the holidays are all about traditions, and a grief and true toasting beverage is none other than sparkling wine. Virtually all wine with bubbles made outside of the Champagne region of France is technically sparkling wine, so the types and prices of this bottle of bubbles can vary. If you don’t know what to buy or just want something middle of the road, buy a nice Californian or French sparkling wine. You’re likely to strike holiday party cheersing gold without even trying!

Want to impress without spending too much dinero? Try getting a bottle of Cava. This bottle of bubbles is made in and originated in Spain and it is made in strict Spanish traditions in other countries. Cava is most often mid level price range between regular sparkling wine and champagne. Cava is a fruit flavored sparkling that can be served at dinner parties and more formal seasonal affairs.

The most expensive bottles of champagne don’t always translate to the best tasting bottle you can buy. Vueve is a champagne that packs all the top level flavor of Dom with a quarter of the price tag. You don’t have to drop $200 on a good French champagne just to have quality. Either way, champagne is the bottle to bring if you’re looking to treat and impress.

The bottle of bubbles countdown


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