Spin that record: DJ Hector Fonseca thrives on evolution of music

A look inside the mind and life of popular LGBT deejay: DJ Hector Fonseca.

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This article was published on January 1st, 2018

Spin that record DJ: Hector Fonseca thrives on evolution of musicVoted OUT Magazine’s hottest DJ in 2007, Hector Fonseca has been etching his way in the music industry for over fifteen years. The house music DJ who produces his own music, Fonseca’s remixes have garnered him international notoriety. Here’s a look inside the mind and life of popular LGBT deejay: DJ Hector Fonseca.

Growing up in New York City during its nightlife glory days made Hector Fonseca a fan of nightlife and dance music. Inspired by NYC and its massive DJ scene, Fonseca was moved to a career pounding out tracks on the decks by talented New York disk jockeys like Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia & his mentor Peter Rauhofer. In the days when NYC exported all the music talent, Fonseca found his roots and calling.

Now, more than a decade and a half later, Fonseca is thriving in the digital era. When he first started DJing, DJs had to buy vinyl, earn it & pay dues.

“It was much harder starting out,” explains DJ Hector Fonseca, who described his early days getting into the music and nightlife scene. “Now you can become a DJ and be headlining a major event within a year. So that’s also changed.”

Mainstream DJing means dictating where music is going in today’s market. Fonseca wants to take DJing back to an era, especially in the LGBT scene, where DJs set the trend in what is hot in music—with a goal he is achieving with Audio4play Records and brining new talent onto the scene.

Fonseca believes that social media has changed the value of entertainment. “You can be considered famous and still not be ‘known’. Music has also changed,” says DJ Fonseca.

With streaming sales now dominating in dance music, this now translates to real time popularity at a fraction of the cost to consumers. In this sense, Fonseca also suggests that the audience has changed.

Spin that record DJ: Hector Fonseca thrives on evolution of music“Consumers want music but not necessarily the commitment of buying the song or the artist,” said DJ Hector Fonseca. “Artists ironically have more power to create their destiny now, making less money to do so, but with more control over content.”

While the life of a DJ sounds fabulous, it also has its challenges. Fonseca admits he envies his friends that don’t have to think about their next gig or tour, he also emphatically would prefer to not have to go into the same office every day. Though he loves the traveling aspect of DJ life—being able to see some amazing places as DJs, Hector Fonseca admitted that being away from home can be lonely and/or tedious.

Nowadays, the trend is seeing big named DJs doing residencies in Miami, Las Vegas, Mykonos, Berlin, and of course, Ibiza. But Fonseca isn’t totally sold on the concept.

“Vegas and Ibiza are mainstream at this point and big money so it makes sense but often times, female & LGBT talent are not as included in those lucrative deals,” explains DJ Hector Fonseca. “That needs to change and be the new Vegas/Ibiza trend.”

If he had his preference, DJ Hector Fonseca prefers to produce music and remixes because of the freedom it affords him to be creative. There are a lot less politics in making music than in landing gigs, he says.

“When I’m producing music, I’m not worried about making anyone happy. I’m just being creative in my own space. That’s happiness for me.”

With a passion of creating remix tracks, Fonseca takes passion in his work. The deadlines for official remixes are typically a week, though that time can be helped by working with a partner. DJ Hector Fonseca has created remixes in anywhere from a day to a month; however, he concedes that it depends on the song, though ideally about a week or two. “My Beyoncé & Rihanna Remixes came to me pretty quickly but my Sia and Gaga mixes took longer.”

Look out for future projects coming from DJ Hector Fonseca in the near future. A leading LGBT DJ, Fonseca loves his work and hopes his audience does, too. Fonseca is also optimistic about producers he works with pushing music in a new direction, as an inspiration for the future of his career.

“At the end of the day, any job you do can be that way but if you love it, it makes life sweeter,” DJ Hector Fonseca stated.

Spin that record: DJ Hector Fonseca thrives on evolution of music

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