Foreskin: the skinny on uncut penis

When it comes to foreskin, there's just some certain ways to handle it.

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This article was published on January 3rd, 2018

In the penis department, not all men were created equal. And thanks to religious and parental practices, guys have either cut or uncut penis: circumcised or uncircumcised. When it comes to foreskin, there’s just some certain ways to handle it.

Foreskin: the skinny on uncut penis

For starters, foreskin and uncircumcised penises should be held in as much regard and esteem as circumcised penises. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Circumcised penises can experience up to 30% loss of sensation versus their uncircumcised counterparts. Each penis is still beautiful in its own right.

And important part of having an uncircumcised penis is the hygiene factor. Because there is excess skin, proper washing needs to be down to ensure bacteria and germs don’t build up. Using a washcloth and soap in the shower, be sure to gently clean between the penis tip and foreskin that extends past the head. This can be done by pulling the foreskin down towards the base of the penis shaft and scrubbing the entirety of your penis. Or it can be down by sliding the washcloth into the foreskin to clean as it hangs below the penis head.

Another important hygiene factor is rinsing the foreskin off after peeing. Foreskin can trap micro beads of urine and bacteria so it’s best to pull the skin back before urinating, pee, then shake it off as much as you can, and dab at your piss slit with some toilet paper or wash your penis off in the sink. No one likes stinky dick and a the best way to avoid it with an uncut cock is by constantly keeping it clean.

There are plenty of fun ways to handle an uncircumcised penis. The best part about being uncut is using the foreskin for masturbating. No need to buy lubricate when jacking off, because you can just stroke yourself with your skin.

If you’re new to having sex with an uncut cock, there are fun things you can do to explore. If you’re sucking, run your tongue along the crown of the penis where the head meets the shaft and all around the rim of the penis head. This is an über sensitive area. If you’re jacking your partner off, grab his penis from the base by his balls and use the skin to stroke him–again, no need for lube with an uncircumcised penis in need of being jacked off.

Remember that an uncut penis has more sensitivity than a cut dick, so be gentle because there are nerve endings up and down the foreskin. Tread softly when handling an uncut penis you don’t know well. Some guys have really tight foreskin that doesn’t pull back all the way, and yanking on it or trying to pull it back can hurt your partner.

As they say, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. No matter if a penis is uncircumcised or circumcised, all dicks need love and appreciation. The next time you run into an uncut penis, you’ll know just the way to handle it.

Foreskin: the skinny on uncut penis

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