Keep the love alive in your relationship

Keeping the love alive in your relationship by using these tips to keep the excitement high.

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This article was published on January 17th, 2018

Keeping the spark in your relationship takes dedication and lots of diligence if you expect to keep the embers burning between you and your love. It also takes creativity and the ability to think outside the box. If you have tried the conventional methods to keep the love alive in your relationship and are searching for alternatives, use these tips to keep the excitement high.

Keep the love alive in your relationship

Roses are synonymous with love and are a common gift, but if you want to switch things up, consider presenting them with a creative twist by changing the color and note that comes attached. Instead of traditional red roses, opt for all black with one white rose, or even one of every color you can find. This will let your lover know that you’ve put a bit of effort into the act and will be harder to forget.

Keep the love alive in your relationship

You want to ignite your relationship? Then try pulling the power from your home and go without televisions, computers, and heat. How will you entertain one another without PornHub? How will you stay warm without that heating blanket? Try lighting a candle, gathering near the fireplace, and fucking for a few rounds to keep warm.

Of course, underwear and jockstraps are great ways to keep it sexy and spice things up, but instead of picking out the items, instead gift your beloved with a catalog and let them decide what they want to wear for your upcoming sexy encounters. Who knows? A new butt plug and dildo set may be just around the horizon!

gay staycation

The moment you first met your lover is an important day that should never be forgotten and every now and one of the best ways to celebrate it is to remind your partner by surprising him or her in a way they won’t expect. Instead of going out, plan a staycation. Order in, get cozy, and spend an entire weekend just sharing one another, without a care in the world.

If you are really looking to take it to the next level, you might want to snatch your lover up! That’s right! Kidnap him, pop that ball gag in, then whisk him away to your favorite mutual kinky getaway. Once the blindfold has been removed, it will definitely be unforgettable and an exciting way to make your time together truly memorable. Or ramp it up even further with some balls-to-the-wall BDSM action that would make anything in 50 Shades of Gay pale by comparison!

Keep the love alive in your relationship

Sharing a romantic meal together has been done time and time again, but instead of a candlelit dinner, make it a candlelit breakfast in bed. He won’t be expecting it and everyone loves a big breakfast. Feeling extra naughty? Serve ass, with some sin sauce on the side.

They say that falling in love is like winning the lottery, so to put a spin on the saying, purchase a lottery ticket and attach a note that says something along the lines of, “The day I found you, I hit the jackpot!”

The era of mixtapes may be over for the most part, but there are other innovative ways to get your message across. Instead, try making a short self-masturbation video with a letter attached. Confess your love for him, wrap it up and then send it in the mail. Once received, he can watch it any time he wants as his own personal wank bank.

Keep the love alive in your relationship

Growing your relationship may take some effort but it is ultimately worth the investment because at the end of the day, we all want that special someone in our lives to feel special. These tips should help you keep the love alive in your relationship for years to come.


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