Breaking down the lewk without breaking the pocketbook

The list of must-have, sartorial essentials that have ultimate appeal, are iconic, and stand the test of time.

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Breaking down the lewk without breaking the pocketbookFashion changes, of course, but there are some pieces and lewks that stand the test of time and should always be mainstays in every gay man’s closet. Your personal style agenda aside, we have compiled a list of must-have, sartorial essentials that have ultimate appeal, are iconic, and stand the test of time.

The Dark Suit

Every man, regardless of occupation or age, should have at least one suit in his wardrobe that is versatile enough to cover an occasion that pops up. If you are not a Wall Street type and in general avoid them, owning one navy suit that is impeccably tailored ensures that you can dress yo’ mess up at the drop of a hat and keep your sartorial stock form plummeting.


Another versatile, essential piece of clothing that no man should be without is a great leather jacket that is stylish and versatile enough to dress up or down with your favorite pair of pants that can be worn just about any time of the year. The same goes with a classic trench coat that is perfect for the office or a leisurely stroll through concrete jungles. And nothing tops a look off more than a fitted navy sports coat that can be paired with jeans or trousers for an informal or more upscale event.

Breaking down the lewk without breaking the pocketbook


Jeans come in virtually every fit and style from fitted to boot cut, acid washed to straight cut and everything in between, but the most important component is to find ones that properly address your crotch and ass. Searching for the perfect pair of jeans is a rite of passage for any man, but once you find the right ones, you will be glad that you invested the time and energy in acquiring them. With the right pair in your wardrobe, you should look good coming and going.


A bonafide classic and timeless staple, chinos wil forever have a place in a man’s wardrobe, and they damn well better be in yours if you consider yourself a man of distinction. Perfect for daytime or evening when paired with the right top, you can always find that sweet spot to look sharp no matter your GPS coordinates.

Button-Down Dress Shirt

There are so many ways in which you can wear a tailored dress shirt that there is simply no reason to not have at least a few on hand. A definite must is at least two white button-downs and possibly a light blue one too. They are perfect for formal events when paired with a tie or bow tie, and can be rolled up and casually worn with chinos and jeans for a sharp lewk that has been co-opted over time by the preppy contingent. For a minimal, sophisticated approach, accept no substitutes.

The Classic Tee

Another modern classic, every man should have a few of these on hand, from classic crew neck t-shirts to v-necks. Grab a few in different colors that accentuate your skin tone and you’re good to go!

Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is not just for dads; they are for every man. Avoid the logos and concentrate on the look and fit of a polo because that’s what separates the men from the boys.


What separates the men from the boys is the ability to properly accessorize, which makes makes it all the more important to elevate your own personal style and make a statement that speaks volumes.

Brown Brogues

These are not your father’s shoes and in fact, are for every age bracket, so don’t forget to add a pair to your closet as they can be worn with a suit or casually with jeans. You really can wear them with just about anything. Just pick the right hue of brown. And if you can manage it, add a pair in black too.

Black Leather Shoes

Timeless, stylish, and an absolute must for the more formal occasions, black patent leather shoes will make you the slickest muthaf*cka in the room.

Leather Belt

There may be a time and place for sagging pants in some circles, but there is always a place for pants that stay up and avoid the crack issue. Having a leather belt in both black and brown assures that pants stay up and assASSination stays off the streets.


As in classic tie. As in no skinny ties! But not too wide either. There are classic colors you should be aware of, and if you don’t know how to tie one, put it on your to-do list ASAP.


Because you never know when you’ll have to take that walk of shame, invest in a great pair of sunglasses that are not only durable, but stylish enough to take from day to evening.


Of course, you have the time on your smartphone, but a timeless watch never goes out of style. You only need one to start out with, then add a few as your budget allows. Besides, asking someone for the time is the perfect conversation starter.

Breaking down the lewk without breaking the pocketbook


There’s nothing like the singular scent of a man, and the right cologne is out there waiting for you to discover it.

Final Considerations

To build your sartorial essentials, start with the items you need the most first, and then work your way down the list until you have compiled the pieces you need to pull off a great lewk that won’t break your pocketbook.

Breaking down the lewk without breaking the pocketbook

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