The getting over him process 

The getting over him process is a lot easier with this little bit of moving on advice. 

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Letting go is never easy. A breakup can be the single hardest separation and change of your life. If you have any feelings at all, the end of a relationship is both hard and upsetting for either party. Moving on and getting over your ex will be a long road, but these few suggestions will help ease the getting over him process.

This is going to be brutally honest, but one of the best things you can do to initially get over your ex is sleeping with someone who you think is really hot. It’s called the rebound. This can help boost your self esteem, make you feel wanted and desired, relieve pent up sexual frustration, can end up being a regular thing, and could give you some new imagery to fantasize about.

Make a change. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Start doing more of the things you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t or didn’t when you were coupled.

Pick up a hobby or take a class. Take a language course you’ve always wanted to try. Attempt to learn to play the guitar. Acclimate yourself to coding. Refurbish furniture. Join a choir. Just do something different in your world.

Quit procrastinating on your dreams. Now that you are single, it’s time to focus on you and building an empire for yourself. But construct it from within first: plot out exactly what you want out of life by either making lists or a vision board of things you want to achieve in your lifetime. Thinking about only you for a change can help you get re-centered and help you get over your ex quicker.

Join a gym or refocus your fitness goals. Molding your body into great shape post break up is the best revenge against your ex and the breakup itself. Instead of hitting the ice team and Netflix, refocus your energy to working out and sculpting a new body. This will build your self-confidence, build your muscle, and bring a whole new plot of boys to your yard.

Consider seeing a therapist. Many guys take breakups so personally that it is hard for them to deal with the emotional damage that occurred during the separation. A specialist that deals in couples counseling is recommended. You should see a therapist at least once in your life. Use this time to heal yourself through the getting over him process as effectively as possible.

Reach out to family and friends you want better relationships with. All couples can make the bad habit of distancing themselves from their closest friends by being so wrapped up in their relationship to notice. Make your apologies for being a shitty distant friend and work on rekindling these friendships. These are going to be the people who are there for you through thick and thin. Through this getting over him process and the next.

Start doing things on your own. You had a life before you met your ex. Remind yourself that you are a strong, badass individual that has been through hell and high water, far worse than some breakup. The getting over him process can be a difficult time of your life, but it helps to know that you’ve got at least one person on your side: you.

The getting over him process

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