Circuit party secrets: stay in the know

Circuit parties are one of the ultimate escapes that every gay man should experience at least once in a lifetime

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This article was published on February 1st, 2018

As one of the most exciting aspects of gay culture, circuit parties are one of the ultimate escapes that every gay man should experience at least once as one of the most memorable events in your life. During a weekend, there are thousands of gay men gyrating and presenting until the last DJ has left the building. HomoCulture along with the co-producer of Matinee USA, Jake Resnicow, offer these great circuit party secrets to ensure that your first experience is amazing, and maybe even exceed your expectations.

Circuit party secrets: stay in the know

The Build-up Before

Since a circuit party basically means dancing the nights and early morning and early afternoons away, don’t plan on sleeping too much. One the days and weeks before the event, be sure to get as much rest as possible, maintaining a diet that provides proper nutrition. Besides, you’re gonna need that reserve energy to twist and twerk for hours on end.

Money Matters

Circuit parties are expensive, and it would be in your best interest to figure out a budget before the weekend starts. You never know when an emergency may arise during the event. You never know when you’ll end up buying a round of drinks to a new group of friends, so whatever amount you decide you want to bring, be sure to put a little cherry on top of that amount.

Circuit party clothing secrets

Un-dress to Impress

Let’s face it. You won’t be wearing much while at a circuit party, but the few inches of clothing you do wear should be creative and memorable.

“Dressing for any theme can always be a little tricky, but sometimes the best idea is to not over think it,” explains Jake Resnicow. “Try to take your own creative spin on the theme that either doesn’t take it too literally or maybe even deconstructs it and you are sure to land somewhere you like. Also try to keep in mind you’re going to be amongst one of the largest party crowds in North America, so bigger isn’t always better. Most importantly, wear something that represents you and have fun!”

Hotel Rooms

These should have been booked weeks to even months in advance. Always try to book at the host hotel; it will be where the fun is, day or night, outside of the party. If you find yourself with no hotel reservation, you may have to get creative in order to have somewhere to stay. A new trick per night may be in the cards!

Circuit party secrets: stay in the know

The Body Beautiful

Once a date has been set, give yourself time to gradually get into circuit shape. If that means hitting the gym for a few weeks beforehand, or adding cardio to your routine, the important thing is to look as fit as possible before the event.

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Circuit parties are fun, but there is a fine balance between fun and veering overboard. Knowing how to circuit safely is important. Always be careful when using drugs and alcohol to avoid overdoses and accidents.

“At any event, safety should always be a top priority,” Jake Resnicow advises. “Traveling in groups or at least in pairs is a good idea. Set a designated meeting spot when you arrive to the party. Try to pick something with a noticeable visual cue, so you can easily remember it and everyone knows for example, to “meet under the large LaLeche cow at the corner of the dance floor.”

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It’s always a hot time to be had dancing around thousands of attractive gay men, and keeping these circuit party secrets in mind will make your experience all the more empowering and celebratory.

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  1. Jd

    Circuit parties are not just for the “fit”. This comes from the author who is “fit” but also most likely on meth.