Getting to the bottom of body hair manscaping

Body hair removal comes with different methods, each with their own pros and cons.

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This article was published on February 3rd, 2018

When it comes to deciding how to best handle your manscaping, it’s a jungle out there. There are plenty of ways to deal with body hair, from watching and shaving, to clippering and plucking. Each method has its own pros and cons. Finding the solution that is best, or worst, for you is important. For some guys, it’s a combination of techniques to get the ultimate look, especially if you are going for a certain look – from a smooth baby bottom, to a carefully trimmed pubic area, or perfectly defined treasure trail. You decide which body hair removal method is best for you with this list of pros and cons between waxing, shaving, clippers, and plucking.

Getting to the bottom of body hair manscaping

Plucking: While great for removing unsightly hairs or thinning and shaping eyebrows, plucking is rarely the go to for more than a small area of hair. Plucking is perfect for precise hair removal of individual strands, not necessarily the whole yard. Use tweezers to remove those 6 random black hairs that show up sporadically on your back, an ingrown, and for creating the perfect eyebrows. Just don’t over pluck.

Shaving: Shaving is great for giving men a clean, baby look and exposing the smooth skin underneath. Shaving literally chops the hair off at the bit and can be the most effective method of immediate hair removal up to the skin. However, if you’re not careful, cuts and razor burn can occur. To prevent this, be sure to thoroughly wash your skin and then moisturize thoroughly. Use a fresh razor for each shave and alcohol-based after-shave; alcohol is an astringent that will leave your pores free of germs and bacteria. For best results, rinse the razor after every stroke to ensure a nice even cut. Treat any and all cuts immediately with alcohol and antibiotic ointment.

Waxing: Thorough hair removal at its finest. A great thing about waxing is it removes all hair in one fell swoop: no need to moisturize or anything prior. The bad news it is the most painful and can cause a lasting red marks or bumps for hours, or even days. In most waxing salons, hot wax is spread onto the desired area of removal and a cloth is placed on top, then left to set for a moment. Finally, with the wax hardened, the cloth is ripped off, removing the wax and hair completely removed, leaving behind the skin. Waxing takes precision and good technique. Hairs can burry themselves in amongst each other and may not get removed by the wax. Waxing hurts less and less the more you have it done, though it can be a costly procedure if you go each month into your beauty regiment; however, if you do go regularly, the maintenance is easier, faster, and more manageable.

Clippering: Possibly the best option for over-excessive growth, hair removal can be done in a second with a great pair of clippers. Trim them bushes down in an instant with some decent hair clippers and you’ll be on your way to manscaping perfection in no time. Most people’s biggest concern is cutting themselves with the razors at some point in time or another. Clipping can be done quickly, but due diligence needs to be taken while trying to remove hair at a thin-skinned, highly sensitive areas of the body, like the scrotum. If you’re not careful, nicks and cuts can occur, and your private parts, especially, are not where you want to get cut. Using clippers can knock out a whole forest of hair in no time, but can also lead to painful, unwanted nicks if you are not careful.

Getting to the bottom of body hair manscaping

Many of these body hair manscaping techniques can be used together to get the best look you want for your body hair.

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