Ultimate power bottom starter kit

11 essential items every guy should have in an ultimate power bottom starter kit.

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This article was published on February 14th, 2018

Anyone can be a bottom. A bottom knows how to do the basics and likes to be penetrated. A power bottom likes to get pounded aggressively, knows proper techniques like a skilled art, and can play the dominant role. To be the ultimate power bottom, you need ore than just practice and skills; you need the right tools of the trade. You can make an ultimate power bottom starter kit of your own by assembling a power packed bag with these 11 essential power bottom items:

  1. PrEP- The number one item in every safer sex toolkit should be protection. PrEP and TasP are effective methods preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS. If you are a sexually active, PrEP/TasP is highly recommended.
  2. Condoms- condoms help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Bottoms are 60% more likely to contract an STI. The ultimate power bottom starter kit needs to include additional protection. Condoms can be used for anal play for penetration, but also used as a damn for rimming, or even for other activities, like masturbating with a condom.
  3. A good douche- You want to bottom with the confidence of knowing that you have a clean ass, so make sure you properly clean out with an anal douche. No ultimate power bottoming kit would cum complete without a good anal douche to ensure you’re ass is squeaky clean: ready for penetration.
  4. A bar of soap- keeping a travel bar of soap with you means that you can quickly rinse off in the shower or hoe bath-it in the sink. Either method guarantees you’ll smell fresh versus stanky.
  5. Baby wipes- A decent, but trashy, answer to a lack of water or an answer to a quick hygiene fix, baby wipes can help clean up in an emergency. Baby wipes, or wet wipes, work for both pre-fuck and post-fuck cleanup, especially if you’re already out-and-about and can’t shower. Nothing sucks more than meeting up with friends and having lube covered ass and hands.
  6. Mouth wash. One of the easiest ways to turn a trick off is to show up with/ have some funky breath. Mouth wash kills 99% of oral bacteria and leaves your breath fresh.
  7. Gum- Fresh breath = a better kissing experience. If you don’t have mouthwash you can always pop in a piece of gum on your way over to your tricks house. Just make sure you spit it out before you arrive for your hook-up.
  8. Lube- Unless you are a ‘simply spit; kind of gurl, you’re gonna want to get some good lube to ease things in. Keep a travel size in your bag.
  9. Poppers- While not mandatory, poppers can help you relax and open you up to being able to take all that you want in your butt. A few whiffs and you’ll be loosened up and able to power bottom like a champ.
  10. Dildo / butt plug – Using a small butt plug or dildo you can you get used to taking whatever dick size you’re looking to take. The more you bottom, the easier it will be for you to become the ultimate power bottom.
  11. A jockstrap- You want to dress the part, don’t you? A jock strap is the best attire for the ultimate power bottom in training shows off your best ass-ets while leaving very little to the imagination.

Pro-tip: Stock your ultimate power bottom starter kit with travel size supplies. Always keep your gear stocked up so you’re ready to go, any day, any time, like a true power bottom.

Now that you know what to pack into your ultimate power bottom starter kit, find a good bag, like a circuit party fanny pack, and you’ll be good to go, day or night, to be the bottom of every power top’s dreams.

If you think we’ve left something out of this ultimate power bottom starter kit, leave your comments below on what you think is important to have on hand.

Ultimate power bottom starter kit

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