How to have public sex without getting caught

Enjoy the experience; just be smart about it.

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This article was published on February 21st, 2018

No matter how exciting your sex life is, there is always the thrill and excitement of living dangerously and not getting caught. Public sex takes you out of your comfort zone. Public sex can be a fantasy or a fetish. The thrill of being watched or getting caught is always a possibility. While it can be exciting, public sex can also lead to a jail sentence, if you aren’t careful. Use these tips and know how to have public sex without getting caught, to help you get it done, the right way.

How to have public sex without getting caught

It’s all about the location.

Find a spot that is dark and hidden away, like in the back of your car in a dark parking lot, in an alley behind a dumpster, in a public bathroom, in a dark movie theatre, in the woods off a hiking trail, or in an underground parking lot. Better yet, try to join the mile high club with these great tips from adult entertainer, Brandon Jones. The more secluded the location, the better.

Be quick about it.

Outdoor sex can’t last forever. There are too many variables preventing that from happening. Have the condoms, lube, and poppers ready to go to help you get off faster.

Keep it down.

The thrill is to almost get caught; not actually really get caught. The less noise and attention you draw to yourselves, the better. Keep the moaning to a minimum.

The later/darker, the better.

Public sex is best under the guise of night, where visions are blurred and obscured. This allows for all kinds of dirty deeds being done in the shadows.

Plot an escape route.

In the event you are caught you will need to plan to cut and run, quickly. Sticking close to home will help you locate safe locations near your house that you can run to in the case you do get caught in the act.

Proceed with extreme caution.

Public sex is illegal and you can be arrested, and even in-prisoned in some jurisdictions. Some sentences mandate a permanent sex offender registry placed onto your name as a result of being caught having sex in public.

Be aware of security cameras and patrolled areas. Never hook up anywhere near a school; it is disrespectful, inappropriate, and if you do get caught you could face additional charges. Don’t leave any evidence behind; always take used condoms with you.

Now grab your lover, partner, or trick and take a walk on the wild sex side. Public sex is kinky, fun, and completely achievable without getting caught. Enjoy the experience; just be smart about it.

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Editors note: HomoCulture does not condone illegal activity. Know and abide by the laws, rules, and regulations in the jurisdiction, and only engage in consensual sexual activities. Getting caught in some of these situations could result in legal or financial consequences, including arrest and jail.

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  1. Tara Everdeen

    I’m a slutty shemale and am addicted to public sex! It’s so thrilling but you do have to be very careful!