7 hot and fun positions to make your sex life more exciting

Everyone knows missionary and doggy style, but there is a whole entire Pandora’s Box of positions just waiting to be explored

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This article was published on March 7th, 2018

Up, down, side to side? What’s your favorite sexual position? Everyone knows missionary and doggy style, but there is a whole entire Pandora’s Box of positions just waiting to be explored, tried, and conquered. Try these seven hot and fun positions out to make your sex life more exciting and less of the usual routine.

  1. Ride, Sally, Ride- As unromantic as that sounds, the “ride ‘em” cowgirl just ain’t that cute either. One of the best ways for a bottom to introduce himself and get used to his partner penetrating him is to sit on top of him and just sit on it. This way he is able to control how much goes inside and at what pace.
  2. The Sidewinder- Sometimes, the best way to deal with a situation is to think outside the box…or turn that box on its side for a new perspective. With each of you laying on your sides, the active partner comes from behind to penetrate the bottom.
  3. The Fork in the Road-Like the Sidewinder, the Fork in the Road has the passive partner on his side with one leg up in the air. Meanwhile, the top is on his knees, sitting up, creating what looks like a fork in the road, entering his partner. This allows both partners to watch one another but still be stimulated differently compared to missionary.
  4. The Railroad Crossing-This position is achieved by having the bottom face down on the bed and his partner laying on top of him with his feet toward the bottom’s head and his head toward the bottom’s feet, and then penetration like this. You’ll make what looks like the letter X or a Railroad Crossing road sign and this will feel completely different to other positions.
  5. The Roly Poly- Like the Railroad Crossing, penetration is done opposite from standard positions. In the Roly Poly, the bottom lies on the floor with his lower back and ass pressed up against the side of a couch or the bed. With his legs in the air, the top comes from in front of him, standing on the floor, and penetrates the bottom virtually in inverted doggie style.
  6. The You Have the Right to Remain Silent- As if you’ve just been busted for the crime of the century and have the police about to frisk you, the You Have the Right to Remain Silent is a standing position for both partners. The bottom places his hands above his head facing a wall, while the top penetrates him from behind while holding onto the bottom’s hands pressed against the wall.
  7. The Shawshank Redemption- As if the he is finally about to submit to being a prison bitch, the bottom assumes the Shawshank Redemption prison break position by bending over in front of the top and placing his hands either all the way onto the floor or touching his toes, completely submitting to the active partner.

What are some of your favorite sexual positions that get you excited. Share your suggestions in the comments below.

7 hot and fun positions to make your sex life more exciting

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