18 calorie cutting tips for 2018

18 great ways in 2018 to cut calories and live healthier through eating right.

Health Nutrition Brian Webb

This article was published on March 10th, 2018

Bulking up with muscle massLosing weight is always tough. Whether you are over weight and looking to shed pounds, or are in decent shape and wanting to get more defined, it all comes down to diet and exercise. Going to the gym 5-6 days a week for 1-3 hours at a time will certainly help get you into shape, but your diet is key to helping you get the body you desire. Eat right, and you’ll be on the success train in no time. Here are 18 tips in 2018 to cut calories and live healthier through eating right:

  1. Use non-fat/calorie Italian salad dressing instead olive or coconut oil when making chicken or other lean meat.
  2. Use hummus instead of ranch dip with raw vegetables.
  3. Have a club soda with lime instead of sugary mixers with alcohol.
  4. Better yet: Skip the alcohol altogether.
  5. Choose fish or turkey over other proteins.
  6. Switch to non-fat milk or almond milk.
  7. Order a green salad without dressing instead of fries when eating out.
  8. Use natural fresh peanut butter instead of high-fat/sugar peanut butter (or even better, get almond butter).
  9. Use honey and maple syrup as a sweetener in cooking / baking instead of sugar.
  10. Switch from coffee creamer to non-fat milk in your morning coffee. Or drink it black.
  11. Drink fruit-infused water instead of soda or juice. Cut out sodas forever.
  12. Snack on almonds, veggies, and trail mix instead of chips.
  13. Don’t dine or even nosh at night before bed – or if you do, have yogurt, a banana, or oatmeal to tie you over till breakfast, etc.
  14. Cut out desserts altogether and leave enjoying them for special occasions and holidays.
  15. Switch to protein shakes in the morning instead of cereal.
  16. Eat more fiber.
  17. Try eating six mini meals versus three meals. Spacing out your meals can aid in your metabolism.
  18. Drink more water. Drinking a few cups of water before a meal can help curve appetite.

If you can adhere to these 18 tips this year, you’ll be on the right track to the best shape of your life in no time. Don’t think that you have to conquer all of these. But you’re more likely to succeed, in combination with a regular workout schedule, I’m getting to your ideal physical shape.

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  1. caf

    OK, enjoyed these reminders, however must point out in #14-we’re not cutting out deserts, but rather desserts. We OK?