Spring into spring with these spring travel trends

Be ahead of the curve and be in the know which this hot spring travel trends for 2018.

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This article was published on March 11th, 2018

The LGBT+ community is typically ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest spring travel trends, from essential technology to the buzz about locales. Every season, there is something new and innovative on the horizon, with more gadgets and events debuting and companies releasing the next edition of their popular product or event. Be ahead of the curve and be in the know which this hot spring travel trends for 2018.

The Latest in Tech

Smartwatches: Apple has yet again launched a technological beast with its series of smartwatches that have turned each successive release into a highly anticipated event. The series 3 Apple Watch available from TELUS is packed with helpful technology including GPS, Siri, ability to use apps, text and email, and even find your way with maps. It’s fantastic for getting notifications while on the go, especially if you have you want to leave your phone securely stowed and out-of-sight while travelling.

Spring into spring with these spring travel trends - Apple Watch

New iPhones: The iPhone X only debuted a few months ago and already buzz is building for the next generation in the series. Reported new features include split-screen mode, Face ID recognition and not one, but three models of different sizes. Faster processor means that you can load apps faster and maximize precious time while travelling, get directions quicker, load your boarding past fast, take beautiful photos on the go to capture your memories, and stay connected throughout your journey.

Apps: Every year, there are a slew of new apps competing to become the next big craze. Some that made the cut include Cinegraph to create moving images, Oak, an app featuring meditation and breathing techniques, and Timepage to combine data into one interface.

Beach Destinations for 2018

Mykonos has been known as a prime destination within the LGBT community for decades, and now Panos is fast to becoming the next Ibiza of the area, a getaway that is not overcrowded and ripe for exploration. Kauai is a great escape that is enjoying its latest comeback as a top destination choice. Or visit The Azores and its enchanting archipelagos to bathe in the geothermal hot springs or whale watching on the nearby coast of Faial Island. Fort Lauderdale, Florida is always a popular destination, too.

Single gay travel

Circuit Party Selections

The spring party season means the biggest events of the year are upon us, each with their own vision of what a premiere bash should be. There are more than enough events happening all over the world over the next several months to keep even the hard-core revellers satisfied. Unleash the outré and the glam all the way at great events including White Party Palm Springs and Matinee Las Vegas. There is always amazing music, performances, and entertainment.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

Experiences to Last a Lifetime

You only live once if you’re lucky, and that means there’s no time like the present to seek out the items on your bucket list for those experiences that will last a lifetime. What could be more bucket list worthy than the following possibilities?

Whale Watching: It’s not an experience you can get just anywhere, and whale watching is a once in a lifetime experience that should be done in the best conditions and locations Every spring, San Juan Islands near Victoria, BC, become the hot spot for orcas, grey whales, and humpback whales to come through and feed on salmon where they can be viewed close-up on organized tours.

Whale watching tours in Victoria are the best in the world

Louisiana Swamp Tour: A Louisiana swamp tour is the new essential must-do activity when visiting New Orleans, just like having a beignet from Café Du Monde or a hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s. A Cajun Encounters swamp tour will get you down n’ dirty, and up close, with the wild side of nature right outside the Crescent City.

A Cajun Encounters swamp tour are a great way to experience the wild side of New Orleans, getting you down n' dirty, and close with nature.

Helicopter Rides: The Wind Dancer helicopter tour from Maverick Helicopter Tours is simply the best way to get the most out of your stay in gay Las Vegas, with the opportunity to fly over the Hoover Dam, the chance to visit and experience the Grand Canyon, and iconic views of the Las Vegas strip. It makes for a simply unforgettable life experience.

Maverick Helicopter Wind Dancer Grand Canyon tour over the Hoover Dam.

Tesla test drive: Head to the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia to experience a true luxury vacation – wine, accommodation at Predator Ridge, farm-to-table meals, and of course, a spectacular rental car to get around and turning heads wherever you go. Take an incredible Tesla road trip in the Okanagan and get an experience you’ll never forget. Power Trips is the first all-electric rental fleet in the Okanagan Valley. Rent a Tesla Model S for a and hour, a day, a long weekend, or for a week-long adventure.

Power Trips offers rockstar Tesla experience


Investing in a high quality camera is important. You want to capture the memories from you vacation so they can last a lifetime. While capturing quick photos on the go from your iPhone is great, if you want to print, frame, or make an album of your travel photos, a point-and-shoot digital camera or DSLR camera will get you the high quality photos you require. Saving your travel photos and backing them up are important too.

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