Keeping up with Adam Rippon

As the first out gay American man to ever qualify and compete in the Olympic Winter Games, a lot is expected from the 28-year old.

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This article was published on March 26th, 2018

The world is celebrating the newly crowned Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon and his moxie, a fresh jolt that the sports world, the LGBT community, and the globe is now clamoring to take hold of. The new ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is set to capitalize on his newfound fame, and his fans can see him in the coming months. As the first out gay American man to ever qualify and compete in the Winter Olympic Games, there were high expectations of yhe 28-year old. What he has recently accomplished and what remains on the horizon is set to be a journey that is literally unfolding right before our very eyes.

Keeping up with Adam Rippon

Immediately after capturing the bronze medal with a stunning performance, Rippon began fielding offers from the mainstream media, including NBC, which offered him a correspondent position to cover the rest of the Games. The skater declined the offer in the end, stating he wished to remain in the Olympic village and get the true athlete experience. The fact that Rippon is probably in his first and last Olympics makes the sentiments behind it even more touching.

Keeping up with Adam Rippon

Next up was an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, followed by photoshoots featured in Rolling Stone and InStyle magazine. His S&M tuxedo worn on the Oscars red carpet has recently endured him to the fashion industry, and the world is truly his oyster. Where will he go next and what does he think of his recent fame?

Keeping up with Adam Rippon

“It feels great. I think it’s awesome that somebody like me, with a personality like me, can be embraced by everyone. I think that’s important.”

Now that he has finished competing, Adam Rippon is more than ready to counter Vice President Mike Pence’s statements on gay conversion therapy and many are asserting that the sports star will have an even bigger presence on LGBT issues as a celebrity supporter and activist. A natural speaker with the ability to connect with those of his generation and beyond, Rippon may be destined for a key role in current struggles within the gay community.

Keeping up with Adam Rippon

“There are some people that are going to be turned off by your authenticity,” said Adam Rippon. “And that’s okay. You shouldn’t worry about those people. Keep the focus on how you feel about yourself.”

But before saving the world? Rippon can be seen doing what he does best as a featured performer on the upcoming Stars on Ice tour.

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