Settle down in a relationship

Has the time finally come you to elevate that special someone you’ve been seeing for a while to exclusive status? From Significant Insignificant Other to boyfriend and girlfriend?

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This article was published on March 28th, 2018

Has the time finally come you to elevate that special someone you’ve been seeing for a while to exclusive status? From ‘Significant Insignificant Other’ to boyfriend or girlfriend? After a series of possible dates, tricks, one-night stands, saunas, and everything in between, there are signs all around to clue you in that it’s time to settle in and down with someone. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

Settle down in a relationship

The thought of making him ‘official’.

While you may hesitate to show your fuck buddies around your friends, once you’ve met that special someone, you want to introduce them to your friends. Perhaps you have been questioning how to refer to the relationship. Are you dating or has it gone to the next level. At the end of the day, the moment you begin thinking about settling down is the sign you’re ready to settle down.

You don’t want anyone else.

Who really likes dating anyway? It’s a minefield that can be extremely fun and other times mundane and confusing. The single life brings so many perspectives, but when you begin dating someone of worth, you realize that you have someone special and you want to discover where it could lead.

Settle down in a relationship

You vibe off one another when together.

Chemistry is electric, and when you look forward to seeing that special someone for any reason is a sign that you are really into them. Whether Netflixin’in bed together all day or having a round of drinks at a bar during the weekend, the synergy between the two of you is a sign that settling down is not settling at all.

You’ve stopped checking Grindr, Tindr, etc.

Once you’ve found the one, why would you bother wasting your time on apps that are created to give you what you presently already have? You know it is a sign that you’re ready to settle down when you’re dangerously close to deleting all your dating and hook-up apps.

Settle down in a relationship

You’re daydreaming about a future with him.

Even before you have made it official between the two of you, if you have already started plotting and planning a life with him in your own head, this means you have made the transition to sharing more of your life.

You’ve found your confidant.

We all want someone that we feel that we can share our innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment. Being able to trust someone at this depth is a sign that you are committed to this person and they are more than just a random fling.

All of the aforementioned are signs that you are ready to settle down and commit, but if the truth really be told, you knew that already.

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