Summer vacation without breaking your bank!

Save your money and don’t break your bank with these summer vacation tips to remember!

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This article was published on April 1st, 2018

As winter turns to spring, many people are turning their thoughts to what kind of and where they will spend their summer vacation. The only problem? Everyone else is planning their holidays, too, the same thing, which can often translate to increased prices during the summer months. A recent Experian survey found that 68 percent of people overspend on summer vacation, and 35 percent don’t save for it… But, don’t fret. Save your money and don’t break your bank with these summer vacation tips to remember!

Know your budget. Only have a few hundred bucks to get away with or willing to drop thousands of dollars to guarantee your holiday is the best ever? Before you start planning your dream vacation, know exactly what kind of finances you have available to spend on your travels.

Be your own travel agent. There are many websites out there to help you plan your vacation without paying the 20% extra to a travel agent. With a little bit of research and diligence, you can plan your holiday completely to your own liking, without the need for help.

Summer vacation without breaking your bank!

Avoid tourist traps. You’re going to find higher prices and less availability for places during the summer months. Highly trafficked vacation spots will result in steeper prices, less opportunity, longer lines, and less of a good time.

Keep your credit card at home or on reserve for emergencies only. It doesn’t help you budget and plan your trip accordingly if you are just charging everything to your credit card hoping to pay it off later. Budget smart and only rely on your credit cards in case of emergencies. That way you don’t end up charging the $1,250 that average families end up putting on their CCs.

Summer vacation without breaking your bank!

Consider non-hotel accommodation. Hotels and motels are an expensive part of any holiday. The cheaper you can stay, the more money you will have to put towards experiences. When you’re on vacation, you’re mostly using your hotel room for a bed and shower. Consider Airbnb, Misterbandb, camping, hostels, time shares, and off-the-beaten-path hotels as cheaper options for your summer vacation.

Grocery shop versus eating out every meal. Dining out can get very expensive very quickly. Grocery shopping is a smart alternative, when on vacation, to help you save money. Nearby markets will have items you can’t always get at home, so you can experience a little bit of the local flair.

Summer vacation without breaking your bank!

Pack smart. That iPhone charger, raincoat, windbreaker jacket, contact lens solution, etc. can get very expensive when you’re away. Why spend the extra money when you can pack smart to ensure you don’t break your bank on your summer vacation.

Many return from vacation filled with regret, wondering ‘How did I spend so much money while on holiday?’ Adhering to these simple tips could mean you can more easily afford another holiday the next summer. Now that’s worth it.

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  1. Matt

    20% for a travel agent?!?!? You need to find a better travel agent! Agents are experts and a great agent will get you way better value for your dollar.