Body image issues

6 things to help you get over your body image issues.

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This article was published on April 14th, 2018

Gay men are constantly faced with social pressures to have the perfect body. You go to the gym, you try to be fit, eat healthy, and take supplements. After all that you never actually feel as though you have achieved the body that you want and that the gay community expects. Body image issues and expectations in gay culture is high, and the pressure is on to have rock-hard six-pack abs, bulging biceps, and pecs that pop. But is it necessary, or even healthy? Here are 6 things to help you get over your body image issues.

  1. For starters, be vain, Carly Simon, and make a list of everything you do like about your body. We all have features we prefer and care about more, so highlight your amazing features and keep this list handy for rainy days or times you are feeling like body shaming yourself.
  2. Stop trying to be like everyone else. There are 6 billion people in the world, yet only one of you. Stop conforming to what everyone else is doing and start living more for you. Comparing yourself to other people will get you nowhere. In the words of singer Jess Glynne: “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
  3. Change up your workout routine. You might not be exercising the right way or doing what it takes to properly sculpt your muscles into the bulging masses you want them to be.
  4. Set goals and stick with them. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a perfect body. Building muscles takes time and work. A great way to stay focused is to set goals that you can achieve over the course of a few months. Taking daily pictures, even for yourself, can help you see the progress as time goes by.
  5. Cut the crap outta your diet. Drinking alcohol and eating shit foods can heavily impact your body in negative ways. Revert back to early man’s hunting/gathering methods and focus on eating mostly lean proteins and high fiber veggies.
  6. Make some positive changes in your life by doing things that help build your self-confidence. Take a class. Donate your time volunteering. Start a blog. Run a 10K. The point is to realize that we humans are so much more intricate than just our bodies and how we look on the outside, esthetically. When you make positive changes of self-improvement, your confidence builds and it won’t matter as much to you that you don’t fit the cookie-cutter mold of what gay male culture expects of you.

Eventually you’ll realize it really is what is on the inside that counts.

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Body image issues


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