Beating homesickness

Don’t be blue—M&M or not—when you are away. Here are 7 ways to deal with being homesick and life on the road.

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This article was published on April 22nd, 2018

There’s no place like home, no matter how much of a friend of Dorothy you are. Life ain’t always easy when you’re not surrounded by the comforts of your own living space and are too far away to feel good about being away. It’s no wonder some celebrities request the damnest things like only blue M&Ms in their artist riders: they are trying to hold onto some simulation of home and the life they leave behind when on the road. Don’t be blue—M&M or not—when you are away. Here are 7 ways to deal with being homesick and life on the road.

  1. Bring memorabilia and items that remind you of home such as photos, jewelry, posters, clothing, and trinkets. It doesn’t matter what you pack with you: anything from back at home will make you feel a little less like you are away from home.
  2. Make a fun, upbeat playlist to listen to whenever you are feeling down and need to put a little pep in your step. Music is a great way to get change your mood and increase your positivity.
  3. Skype is your friend, as well as facetime. God bless 2018 because keeping in touch has never been easier than in the digital, millennial era. Use these resources to stay in touch with your closest peops—and use them often!
  4. Write letters/postcards to your loved ones back home. Though this may seem old school, providing a personal means of staying touch through cards and notes also leaves you/them original keepsakes for when you return.
  5. You sense of smell is the strongest evocature for memories. Bring something like a splash of your loved one’s cologne on a handkerchief, or your favorite soap that reminds you of home.
  6. Treat yourself while you are away to the luxuries of your surroundings to make you remember that life is still good while on the road. A warm bath with some candles and wine soothes the soul and will help you relax and visualize find memories from home.
  7. Focus on the end goal: you’re away from home for a reason: most likely for work or responsibility. Eventually, you’ll be back at home in your own bed nearer to the ones you cherish. Keep your eye on the prize of knowing that nothing is permanent and that your homesickness will eventually fade away.

How do you deal with homesickness when you’re travelling? Leave your helpful tips below.

Beating homesickness

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